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Tips on Training a Cairn Puppy at Home

Want to learn how to train your cairn terrier puppy at home? First, be prepared to do some research; the more you know about your dog's temperament and what he was bred to do, the easier training will be. It's up to you to set household boundaries, have a patient, open mind, and reinforce positive b

How to Stop Your Dog From Unwanted Chewing

Chewing is a natural activity for dogs of all ages, but it can be an extremely destructive habit. Dogs don't distinguish between a stuffed animal, the couch and a pair of expensive shoes, so it's important to remember to approach training from the dog's point of view. While it may take some effort,

Ulcerative Colitis in Dogs

There are many reasons why dogs get inflammation of the colon and thus wind up with colitis. This is why it's so important to see your vet as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis in order to get proper treatment for the right kind of colitis. Ulcers in the colon can cause what is called canine hi

High Grade Dog Food Retail Sales Dead - Poor Doggies

When the economy slides so too do the high-end dog food product sales. Let's face it when folks are forced to eat out less and cut their family budgets their dog; Bear or Socks is next on the cost reductions list. Fancy cat food is no difference, and you have to think that these pets know the d

How to Make a Dog Backpack

Fashion and clothing trends for dogs have been popular for quite some time, and that does not discount dog accessories such as scarves and backpacks. Making a backpack for a dog requires some adjusting and resewing of a human's backpack.

Electronic Flea Collars - Do They Really Work

Electronic Flea collars may be the newest weapon in the war on dog fleas. Dogs have been mans companion for thousands of years.Unfortunately the parasites that our dogs carry have plagued mankind as well. Fleas are a constant irritant to man and dog as well as vector for disease.

Dog Training Tips

You've probably met people who seem to instantly be able to command obedience from any dog.But it's not magic - it's simply experience.Mostly it's about the tone of voice used.Your dog needs to know that you're the boss, and your tone has to reflect that.

How to Decrease a Dog's Excessive Drooling

Dogs drool for a number of different reasons. Excessive drooling can be breed specific with nothing you can do about it, or it can be inspired by the presence of a tasty-looking morsel in your dog's vicinity. However, drooling can also mean that your dog is nauseous, ill or overly excited.

How to Make a Silent Dog Whistle

Silent dog whistles, also known as Galton's whistles, are excellent for getting your dog's attention in a crowded area, amid a lot of noise or wind, and without putting in the effort of yelling and chasing them down. Silent dog whistles are designed to emit a high pitch that only dogs can hear. You

Boston Terrier Adoption - Boston Terriers Are Great Buddies For First Dogs

Life circumstances change and sometimes that your dog can be as affected by change as you can be. You might be recently widowed, for example, and both you and your dog miss your spouse terribly. You might want to think about adding a new dog to your pack and a Boston terrier would be a great choice.

How to Treat Aspergillosis in Dogs

A dog that experiences aspergillosis has a fungal infection. The owner may become aware of an issue when the canine appears to have respiratory issues. Breeds with longer noses are more likely to be affected by this condition. Treating aspergillosis in dogs requires several careful steps.

Dog Boots: Stylish Accessory or Wardrobe Necessity

Indeed, dog boots can be quite fashionable and make a dog's outfit stand out at the dog park. Undoubtedly, your dog will probably get all the other dogs talking about him or her for the rest of the day!

Are There Different Kinds of Chihuahua Dogs?

Images of Chihuahuas in teacups or being carried in purses are common sights in print advertisements and the movies. Since Chihuahuas are lively, intelligent dogs that enjoy a good walk, you may have seen one or two in your neighborhood as well. From the 2 pound Chihuahua with long, curly blond hair

So-Called High Dog Food Ratings

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in the top rated dry dog food that your family pet eats? Most people see the pictures on the front of the top rated dry dog food bags showing choice meat cuts and fresh, whole grains, and just assume that their family dog is eating just as well as the fami

Aggression in Dogs

Frequently we hear that about a Pit Bull pet gone bad.The sad fact is, not every owner is right for a Pit Bull.They have been specifically bred to be protective, not aggressive, and are fine when properly cared for and trained.When they aren't, they become the latest headline.

Dogs and Cats - How to Peacefully Coexist Under One Roof

Let's look at this living arrangement from your dog's perspective. Cats, like squeaky toys, are furry, small, make great noises when you pounce on them, plus, they run when you chase them! What more could a dog who instinctively is a predator ask for? To most dogs, cats are their version o

Helpful Dog Training Tips

It is important to start training a dog between six and eight weeks of age. If your dog is older and has yet to be trained do not worry because it is "never too late to teach a dog a new trick."