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How to Fix a Noisy Car Door

Creaky car doors can be annoying. That horrible noise is also an indication that wear is taking place in the door hinge. Left unchecked, the hinge will soon become sloppy, resulting in a sagging, difficult to open and hard-to-shut door. Fortunately, if taken care of early, the cure takes only minute

How to Clean the Flame Sensor on Rheem Heaters

The Rheem Manufacturing Company produces a line of water heaters, air conditioners and furnaces for both homes and businesses. A flame sensor detects heat coming from the burners. This is a safety mechanism. A burner with no flame may release gas into the air. When the sensor becomes blocked with de

How to Install Disc Brakes on an Early Bronco

The early model Ford Broncos come equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels. The disc brakes are made to stop the vehicle by sliding against the brake rotors while the wheels are turning. The brake calipers press the inner and outer brake pads against the sides of the brake rotors when the brake

Your Extended Warranty Program

If you have a car that you've been referring to as your "new" car for over a year now, chances are that it's not quite in pristine condition anymore. But if you are a responsible car owner, a few scratches in the paint and muddy footprints on the carpet are the worst of the wear,

How to Load a Volvo S60 Onto a Car Trailer

When loading any car onto a car trailer, take into consideration the vehicle weight and center of gravity, and the location of the attachment hooks on the underside of the vehicle. The Volvo S60 weighs an average of 3,810 lbs.--with no gear or baggage. There are two strap loops under the front of th

What Is Needed to Balance an Engine Block?

Engines are comprised of internal components which can move at very high rates of speed. Due to the weight of the rotating and reciprocating parts, as engine speeds increase even small amounts of imbalance can exponentially increase causing considerable--and sometimes damaging--vibrations. Professio

How to Touch Up Auto Paint With an Airbrush

Dents or scratches on a car can severely ruin its appearance. Taking the car to a body shop can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. One process that is becoming increasingly popular and is a smart alternative is to use a personal airbrush and touch up the car at home. Although this takes practi

How to Replace Civic Cooling Fan Motor

A cooling fan is an integral part of the cooling system of your car. If it goes out, you can overheat your engine and cause severe damage. Fixing the cooling fan motor on a Honda Civic can be pretty easy, but it does require a little extra effort to maneuver everything correctly in the engine bay. W

How to Replace a GM Ignition Switch

The ignition switch on a GM vehicle is responsible for sending an electrical signal to the starter motor so that you can start your vehicle. When the starter motor fails, you won't hear the typical "click" when you first turn your ignition switch to the "III" position to crank the engine. Replacemen

How to Install 1996 Ford Contour Starter Wires

When installing a new starter in your Ford Contour, you need to know how the wiring-harness connections are attached to the starter solenoid. The starter for the Contour comes with a pigtail attached to the "S" terminal, making it identifiable at a glance. The second connection is the "B" terminal;

How to Adjust the Sweep of Windshield Wipers

The sweep for windshield wipers is set at the factory for maximum visibility and efficiency. In the event someone has removed and reinstalled your wiper arms improperly or the arms have been damaged, they may no longer sweep this path properly. Luckily, the design of most wiper arms is such that you

How to Replace a Brake Booster on a C4 Corvette

When replacing the brake booster on a C4 Corvette, make sure to mention engine size when ordering the booster. They are available in several diameters and the big block Corvettes require the smaller diameter brake boosters to clear the valve covers. When the master cylinder is removed, keep it tippe

How to Adjust an Audi TT Trunk

Adjusting the fitment of your Audi TT's trunk can be necessary if you have recently had auto body work performed or if the trunk body panel has become misaligned for some reason. By opening the trunk, you can gain access to a number of different mechanisms that can be loosened to allow for minute ad