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Crime Stats and What You Can Do

Crime statistics state that: -A woman is forcibly raped every 5.8 minutes -Four woman are killed by their partners each day -28% of all homicides of woman are domestic violence related -25% of rapes take place in a public place -75% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows -25%of girls and

Breast Implant Innovations - Gummy Bears

Every year many women undergo cosmetic surgery in order to enlarge or reconstruct their breasts. Enlargement is considered augmentation; reconstruction is the surgical procedure performed in order to rebuild it after it has been lost to cancer and a mastectomy. These procedures would be performed by

Plastic Surgery - Smart Techniques For Quick Recovery

Plastic surgery is a way to enhance your existing facial or body features for an appealing more satisfying look. The results can be exciting, but the recovery process rarely is. A quick recovery from your plastic surgery procedure is a product of smart techniques used by the cosmetic surgeon, as wel

Lighting Your Home For Health

Partly as a result due of how it is represented in the media, Feng Shui is frequently considered a somewhat mystical or mysterious idea difficult to study or to substantiate. Laboratory research, however, indicates that some aspects of Feng Shui actually do have a proven positive effect on attitude

How Do Natural Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

Of course the main goal of a natural breast enhancement cream is to help women get larger, firmer breasts without having to undergo any painful surgery. I mean come on, wouldn't it be great to go from a B cup to a more fulfilling C cup within a few weeks? Of course it would.

Scarring From Breast Reduction Cosmetic Surgery

Breast reduction patients are often concerned about the potential for scarring. Scars are minimized by a good surgeon. Learn more about minimizing the potential for scaring and swelling.

Ovarian Cancer News

Find timely health and medical news on Ovarian Cancer at WebMD.

The Working Woman Vs Stay at Home Mom

The Working Woman vs Stay at Home Mom has been an ongoing debate for years! Career bound - or raise a family? How familiar is the dilemma for most women?....What if you could have both?

Candida - What is it and What Causes It?

Candida is a type of naturally occurring yeast that can cause many health problems, including yeast infections when it gets out of balance in the human body. This article discusses the primary causes and offers a solution to eliminate Candida forever.

Bio-Identical Hormones - Managing the Pre-Menopause Years Effectively!

Most women around the forties (sometime late thirties also) fear about how the Pre-menopause symptoms/years could be managed by them. There are plenty of ways to get rid of the fears and stress levels caused by menopause/pre-menopause and lead a normal life totally accepting the physical and mental

There Is Nothing Delightful About Cellulite: Get Rid of It

People love to be looked at and stared at - for the right reasons. Catching people gaze at you just makes you feel attractive and that is why people relish the looks of appreciation. That is why cellulite is big no-no for everyone.

Botox - How to Have it Done Right

One of the most popular ways to keep yourself looking young and refreshed is botox.This non-invasive procedure has truly worked wonders on countless people and helped them achieve their goal of preserving their youth.

Bacterial Vaginosis Discharge - What Options Are There to Put an End to This?

Bacterial vaginosis discharge... there are many reasons that this is a bad thing, and I'm sure you know them all. But what options are there to put an end to this condition? What techniques, methods or therapies are available to us for us to use in order to battle this horrid situation? Well, t

Using Yogurt to Cure a Yeast Infection

Can using yogurt to cure a yeast infection be effective? This is a common question for which the answer is often unclear. Discover the truth today!

Use Natural Methods For Your Breast Enhancement

A lot of women want to enlarge the size of their breasts to make them look more attractive and to feel good about themselves. Surgery is not the only option here and other methods are revealed in deta