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Tanchangya People in Myanmar

This article has written about the Tanchangya or Tonchangya people in Myanmar about their condition of Culture, Language,Education, Economic and Religion. They preserved a lot of ancient Tanchangya wo

Made In China

YouTube -- what else -- shows a pro-china propaganda for the Tibetan occupation (1). And in some point they may be right. The west has it's own occupied regions... Some propaganda should be allowed. If countries would like to boycott the games they should also be able to do that. It is strange

The Must Be a Reason For That

Today in the tube, ignoring the morning rush, a young woman properly dressed was laying on the main stairway in a posture of meditation. Her eyes were closed but here face looked serene. Commuters had to go round her to get to the platform and that didn't trouble her. There must be a reason for

Free Comprehensive Background Checks Online

When it comes to hiring your next company employee, maybe you should do a comprehensive background check on your applicants as a means of filtering out those who do not deserve the position as well as determining who is more likely to stay with your company the longest. You can find out all of this

It's 2013 - The World Did Not End Or Shift - Wake Up!

Discusses major flaws in all well-known 'end of the world' theories. Provides a template for assessing any future predictions. Compares this to the 'Life Cycles' theory, to show how close to science it really is. Uses humor to teach a serious message.

Fair Tax - Isn't That an Oxymoron?

The concept of implementing a "Fair Tax" is mind numbing to me, what the heck does that mean? It would actually be "FAIR" if the government did not steal money from people (calling their theft taxes) and waste it on things the government was never intended to do.

Employee Background Check - Checking the Background of All Employees is a Must!

If you are a manager or an owner of a company, then you know how vital it is that you hire the right people for the right positions so that you do not end up losing your company or your job. This includes hiring someone that could potentially rob you of everything you have worked so hard to get and

Dog Attacks Boy, But Why and Who is to Blame?

I recently read an article about a one year old bulldog who attacked a neighbor boy who had come over to his baby-sitter's house. The boy was 5, the sitter 38. The dog belonged to the woman. What could have happened to make such a young dog so vicious?

A Scary Story - The Public Option

This article describes fear of change and argues that members of congress need to overcome this in order to be able to vote for health reform that includes a public option. Why is Congress so afraid of the public option as part of health reform? Why are politicians getting so worked up about a syste

Best deals in Dubai make leisure trips budget-friendly

Daily deal sites that were lately introduced to the growing internet-savvy population of Dubai feature up to 90 per cent discounts on recreational and entertainment facilities along with a plethora of

Why Christians Are Sure of Making Heaven Through Salvation

The intensifying debate between evolutionists and creationists commonly boils down to proving or disproving alleged claims of an all-knowing God who does not lie. Christians recognize that it is a waste of time trying to prove a supernatural phenomenon such a God within the confines of the laborator

Would Karl Marxs Approve Of An Solidary Economy

yes I feel Marx would it would somewhat replace the system of our concept of capitialism putting people first over our current system,thus improving the concept of work and adding an Euro communistic

Reasons To Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Did you know that over 80 million mobile phone handsets are lying around UK homes, unused and gathering dust? This is around 11,000 tonnes of plastic, glass and metal that could be recycled instead of taking up valuable drawer space or ending up in a landfill. Not only this, but mobile phones contai