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Beauty of Kindness - Rechenka's Eggs

The ornately decorated Easter Egg, from Russia is the tale of Babushka and Rechenka's Eggs.A story of kindness to begin the season of spring.

Different Gift Ideas for Men

Birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, Grandparent's day--these are all days that require you to choose the perfect gift for that special man in your life. From brothers and sons to husbands and fathers, finding the gift he will adore and appreciate can sometimes seem harder than climbing the tallest m

Ideas for Birthday Cakes for 50-Year-Olds

The 50th birthday is certainly a noteworthy event. Whether you honor the occasion with an elaborate event, a casual gathering or dinner for two, there is one tradition that should be a part of any celebration: the birthday cake. For an elegant occasion, you may want to order a cake from a bakery tha

Gifts for Bar Mitzvahs

A Bar Mitzvah is the Jewish ceremonial tradition of transitioning a boy into manhood. Although money is always the preferred gift of a teenager, there are a variety of occasion-appropriate gifts to make him smile on this special day. From a Star of David necklace to a more traditional charity box, p

How to Treat a Sloped Driveway in the Winter

While it's important to quickly treat snowy or icy areas around your home in the winter, it becomes even more imperative when you have a sloped driveway. A large or small incline is an open invitation to slips and falls on the slick surface and can result in serious injuries to you and your loved on

Minnie Mouse Hair Ideas for Halloween

If you're dressing up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween, you will need some hairstyle ideas that won't get in the way with your Minnie ears. Keeping the hair out of the way is necessary, but there are a number of ways you can achieve this. You can even incorporate your hairstyle with the ears, showing b

Ideas for a Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

Step outside of the box next Valentines Day, leaving the traditional flowers and chocolates behind. Celebrate this romantic holiday with a gift tailored specifically to your relationship. Valentine's Day scavenger hunts are activities that can be enjoyed from nursery school through to your golden ye

How to Use a Checking Account to Buy a Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card makes the perfect gift for someone who is difficult to buy for. It gives the recipient the freedom to purchase whatever they want from wherever Visa is accepted. Buying a Visa gift card using your checking account is quick and easy. A variety of retailers and vendors offer Visa Gift

Holiday Friendship Gifts

Give something that shows you ImagesYou try to let your friends know how much they mean to you, but it is nice to get them something special for a holiday that is a token of your friendship. When choosing a holiday friendship gift, find something that is...

Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

If you're a fan of horror films then you're familiar with the dream stalking Freddy Krueger. Whether you watched this movie as an adult or a child, it made you second guess falling asleep. Now it's possible to become your favorite legendary, fictional killer with an authentic looking

How to be Michael Jackson for a Halloween Costume

Michael Jackson is and always will be the King of Pop. And in 2009, the unfortunate death of this music legend has left a lot of Michael Jackson fans trying to pay tribute to the great music and style of this singer and songwriter.Halloween costumes are an opportunity to pay respect to those p

How to Wish a Girl Happy Birthday

Middle school may be an awkward time as you explore different methods to let a girl know you are interested in her. One method you may consider is to use a special occasion, such as her birthday, as an icebreaker. Although it may seem difficult to just walk up to the girl and say happy birthday, it

Make The Gift Of Health To Your Parents Surprising Them With A Bidet

Now that Christmas is coming, besides the traditional gifts that I'll give to my parents, I want to equip their bathroom with a bidet, because I want to take care of their health now as they took care of mine when I was little. It seems like the right thing to do! I know that it isn't much

How to Transplant Lettuce From Indoors to Outdoors

Lettuce prefers the cooler growing seasons and the seeds germinate quickly, so not all varieties are grown as transplants. Most transplants are head lettuce varieties, including Iceberg and Romaine types, because these are less frost tolerant and develop more slowly than leaf lettuce varieties. Star

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 7-9

Give your child a present they'll truly enjoy this Easter.Tooga/Photodisc/Getty ImagesEaster is an important holiday in the Christian faith, and is also used to celebrate the beginning of spring. If you want to commemorate the holiday by giving your child an Easter present, these gifts...

Ideas for Custom Food Gift Baskets

Fill a gift basket with an assortment of fruits.still life image by Vasca from Fotolia.comGift baskets can make delightful gifts for many occasions and different types of recipients. Food items are a popular choice---everyone likes to eat! Creating a custom gift basket allows you to add...

How to Make a Princess Coach

Many young girls enjoy creating imaginary stories of princesses; however, the accessories required to fully outfit these scenarios can become costly. Bring your child's next enchanted tale to life by making a royal carriage for her princess doll from household items and simple materials that can be

Halloween Animal Care

Halloween is the occasion when all people can wear any type of dress from the huge variety of costumes.Halloween animal care is also vital during that time and make sure that your pets are taken care

How to String Lights on a Large Tree

Cheerful and twinkling string lighting transforms a dark tree into a festive icon, but stringing a large tree is challenging. The height and girth of some large trees require equipment that takes you safely to the top. Transform a group of trees into a starry forest, or make one tree stand out with