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Eckhart Tolle and What Shaped Him

Eckhart Tolle was originally born Ulrich Leonard Tolle on February 16, 1948 in a small area near Dortland, Germany. He lived with his father in Spain from the age 13-19. During those years Tolle refused to go to school, complaining that the environment there was too "hostile". Instead he s

Are You Living Life Or Just Existing?

Some people look back on what they call the 'good old days' as if all the joy and success of those days will never happen for them again. In other words, life then was great, but life today is not, an

The Power of Visualization & Mental Imagery

Guided imagery is a way of using the imagination in a focused, directed way to help mind and body heal, stay strong, and perform as needed. It is focused attention on an inner, mental picture or a statement of belief. It is the mental representation of an object, place, event, or situation (Murray &

Letting Go Of The How

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you believe it works? Well, I have my own story to share about letting go of the how things work and just believe that they will. ...

Why You Can Not Learn by Reading

When picking up a book, deciding to attend a seminar or listen to an audio do you think to yourself "Ahh great, this will be the silver bullet that will transform form my competence in [ insert topic of interest ] part of my life? There are so many educational books, programmes and courses avai

How To Improve Your Selling Skills -- With Coaching Skills

Face it. People don't want to be sold. They're tired of being one of the "suckers" who are supposedly born every minute. They're suspicious; they don't like parting with their money, and to many people, ALL sales people are the same. They know you are after their money.

Positive Thinking Attitude: 5 Simple Steps To Achieving It

A positive thinking attitude will help you find happiness and success in life. Being optimistic can fill you with light that will change not only your own life, but the way you view the world as well. Here are 5 simple steps to achieve it.

Essential Tips in Preventing Panic Attacks

Our weakness as humans is our lack of knowledge especially when it comes to something that is beyond our understanding such as preventing panic attacks. There is no known root cause why someone who is ...

How to Manage Confidence Level

At the midst when everything around us goes wrong the one thing that can saveus to survive is our self confidence. We have great dreams and we put our dreams into goals.

What is EFT?

What is EFT, how does it work and how can it help you? This article aims to address these questions so that whatever your problem, be it physical, mental or emotional, you can find freedom too.

Improve Self Esteem By First Understanding It

Self-esteem is a term generously used, and frankly, often misused in today's society, so before we discuss how to improve self-esteem let us first take a minute to define it.

Get Rid of Your Television

Television is bad for you. It is very bad. Do you ever complain that you do not have enough time?

It Doesn't Take Tights and a Cape to Be a Hero

When we were little we often thought that a hero was someone who saved the world; that fictional character that came to life on TV every Saturday morning. As we grew up, became adults we came to realize that a true hero is not someone who comes out of a phone booth in a cool costume. Nor is it someo

How to Take Action in Life

Over the years I have heard many people talk about how hard it is to take action and pursue their goals. They say that they constantly get caught up and don't know where to start. They say that they feel it is easy to take action if you are privileged, but if you are starting at a "low poi

Back to Campus Safety

Returning to campus or going to college for the first time is stressful enough without having to worry about your personal safety. We are all familiar with the details of the Virginia Tech tragedy and ...

Take a Meditative Moment!

I used to think that I had no idea how to meditate, that I was one of those people who could never embrace the practice. I imagined that the only way I would succeed would ...