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Skills Based Training on Risk Management

The University of Manchester originally created the curriculum for skills-based training on risk management (STORM) to help workers in social care and the criminal justice system prevent suicide. STORM covers four components: assessment, crisis management, problem solving and crisis prevention.

How To Understand and Manage Panic Attacks

No person needs to be told how frantic and frenzied our world is, these days. But we should not be shocked by this if you are extremely busy with your job and possibly a family; ...

What Is Relationality in the Workplace?

The term relationality refers to how things connect to each other and how the elements of a system shape the whole. When applied to the workplace, relationality seeks to explain how colleagues interact with each other and how the attitudes of individual workers can contribute, or not, toward the goo

In Search Of An ADHD Natural Cure

For many parents of ADHD children and adults alike finding a natural ADHD natural cure is something they would like to do. But many have been told that ADHD natural remedies are ineffective at best. ...

A Sure Cure For Panic Attacks

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of panic attacks. They are perfectly curable. Experiencing panic attacks is frightening. Anxiety attacks are synonymous with panic attacks. Curing yourself of the terrible affliction is easy so long as you are aware of every aspect of the atta

What to Do When Others Hurt You

What Do You Do When You Are Invalidated? Invalidation tends to trip some switch in our souls that lead us to reach into our bag of nastiness. Have you ever blamed, cursed, cried, shouted, or ...

Instabile angina pectoris

Angina is a painful disease due to the decrease in oxygen, cardiac muscle tissue called ischemia 'condition: this condition, due to disorders of the blood flow for vascular problems, is typical of the

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes - Are You Taking the Time?

There are so many good tips and tools and strategies that can help us live a fuller,more authentic and meaningful life. Tips that can lower our stress, help us lose weight, prevent overwhelm and improve our relationships. But learning about these tools and ideas and strategies just isn't enough

Definition of Aggressive Behavior

Aggression can be found across cultures, age groups and gender. According to Wayne Weiten's book Psychology, evolutionary psychologists argue that aggressiveness is integral toward survival or reproductive advantage. Genes that promote aggressiveness are likely to be passed onto the next generation.

Family Interventions for Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Family interventions lead to positive outcomes for misusers and family members, but interventions supported by the most evidence are not used. What should you know to best help patients?

What Are the Disadvantages of a Word Processor Over Excel?

Word processors are applications designed to work with text-heavy documents such as letters or essays. More powerful word processors introduce a number of flexible layout tools, making it easier to incorporate images, tables and graphics -- these applications can be used to create flyers, posters, n

Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety over job interviews and other everyday events is normal and happens to millions of Americans. However, when incessant worry and overwhelming panic occurs, an anxiety or panic attack is the result. There are many people who are not equipped to handle anxiety and need to seek treatment.

Mental Health Assessment

A mental health assessment gives your doctor an overall picture of how well you feel emotionally and how well you are able to think, reason, and remember (cognitive functioning).

Infinite Potential

Learn how YOU can access your dormant inner powers to manifest your wildest goals & dreams in your life and make 2009 THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!

What Makes a Great Rehab Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is everywhere, from the plains of the United States to the mountains of Switzerland. They affect all races, ethnic groups, ages, and economic levels. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from these addictions. Without help from an effective rehab program, they will suffe