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When Can Roses Be Pruned?

Roses left to grow without pruning will eventually turn into an overgrown thicket with few flowers and many thorns. All types of roses benefit from yearly pruning, while a few types need pruning throughout the growing season. Use a special rose pruning tool, which does not crush the stems and canes

What Is a Ginkgo Tree?

The ginkgo tree has a number of names including ginkgo biloba and the maidenhair tree that was once common through some of the most temperate regions of the world. In the 21st century, only the species that was once native to Southeastern China has survived, however even this species can no longer

Dwarf Nectarine Trees

A dwarf nectarine tree refers to any nectarine tree that grows under 6 feet tall. They are planted as either decoration or in gardens where a taller tree is not an option. There are two different categories of dwarf nectarine trees. Grafted dwarf trees have the fruiting part of a nectarine tree to a

What Are the Soil Types for Oregano?

Oregano grows best in fairly fertile soil.Oregano image by conny from Fotolia.comOregano is a member of the Origanum herb family and is generally considered to be an easy care herb. In most cases, oregano has only moderate requirements for soil, sun exposure and water. For the best...

Black Rot Disease in Grapevines

Grapes are among the earliest of cultivated fruits with evidence of the production of wild grape dating back to the prehistoric and biblical times. The grapes popularly cultivated today have been grown in Asia for 5,000 years. The fruit was brought to the United States in the 17th century. Grapes ar

Characteristics of a Canopy Tree

Example of canopy treestrees and canopy image by Chris Bibbo from Fotolia.comA canopy tree plays an important role in its environment. The term "canopy" refers to anything that shelters or shades. Canopy trees are important in a forest ecosystem because their leaves convert the most...

How to Make a Jade Plant Thicker

Jade plants are succulents with thick, oval leaves and sturdy branches. As desert plants, they do well when allowed to dry out between thorough waterings. Though they have a very slow rate of growth, jade plants eventually become very sturdy houseplants that require little care. If your jade plant's

How to Water Cut Flowers

Whether the flowers come from your own flower garden or from a florist, a vase filled with cut flowers adds color and grace to your indoor environment. Although it's easy to plunk the cut flowers into a vase filled with tap water, a bit of extra knowledge will enable you to prolong the life of your

Signs of Too Much Water in Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are impressive flowering shrubs that look like they belong in a fairytale garden. These large woody shrubs might seem impossible to grow, but with a little know-how and proper watering, you'll have blooms all summer long in shades of pink, white, purple and blue. Different varieties can h

Butterfly Species Native to Nevada

Over 60 types of butterflies live in the state of Nevada. They are loosely grouped by family, with some families of butterfly more prevalent than others. For example; while many True Brushfoot butterflies are in Nevada, only one species of Snout lives in the state.

When Do You Pick Snap Peas?

Sugar snap peas make an ideal addition to stir-fry dishes or eaten raw. The entire crunchy shell of the sugar snap pea can be consumed, with the peas remaining inside or shelled from the husk.

What Vegetables Contain Parabens?

Parabens, a group of chemical esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, are widely used as a preservative that naturally inhibits the growth of organisms within food, lengthening shelf life. Products containing paraben range from shampoo, moisturizers and shaving gels to common food items consumed within the

How to Plant Trees Near Septic Lines

Planting trees near septic lines requires careful planning. Trees improperly planted too close to septic lines can cause costly damage to the lines. Keep in mind that damage to the lines may not occur until after several years, when the tree reaches maturity. Also, the septic damage may not be evide

Kinds of Vascular & Non-Vascular Plants

Moss is a non-vascular plant.ULTRA.F/Photodisc/Getty ImagesBased on the classification system for all living things, as first developed by Carolus Linnaeus, all plants fall into the kingdom Plantae. This kingdom is divided into 10 smaller groups, known as phyla. One of the phylum contains...

Winter Care for Rex Begonias

Rex begonias are perennials that will survive during the winter months with proper attention. Most species are not dormant during this period, so caring for a rex begonia is possible during this time. Their vibrant-colored leaves can remain beautiful during the winter, but if the leaves begin to fal

How to Send a Rose Bush

Sending a rose bush in the mail isn’t a difficult task if you properly prepare the bush and package it correctly in the shipping box to ensure a safe shipment. Check local and state rules about mailing plants to different states before sending the rose bush yourself. Mail the bush at the begin

Evergreen Plants & Purple Flowers

While many people think of coniferous plants, like pine and fir trees, when they think of evergreens, there are also several types of evergreen plant that fall outside of the coniferous classification. Evergreens are plants that retain green foliage, like leaves or needles, all year long....

How to Use Roses in Window Boxes

Miniature roses are hardier than hybrid tea and many other modern roses, a big surprise if you equate small size with fragility. Most minis are tiny floribundas developed from the Chinese rose cultivar "Minima." They come in wide range of color and scent. Some have single flowers; others have double

How to Grow Evergreens

An evergreen is a plant that keeps its leaves or needles throughout the winter. There are many types of evergreens; fir trees, azaleas, hollies and eucalyptus are just a few. Because there are so many different varieties each has its own needs, but they do have some things in common. There are basi

How to Kill Weeds on Patios

There's little not to like about using boiling water to kill weeds on your patio. Not only is it readily available, it's free -- and easily kills both grasses and broadleaf weeds and their seeds. It's a non-selective killer that will destroy any plant that it touches. Boiling water is simple to prep