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How to Use the Lift Chain Kit to Fix a Toilet

Inside each toilet tank are a number of parts that allow the toilet to drain and refill effectively. When the toilet handle is pulled, a chain attached to the handle raises a flapper, allowing water to stream out of the tank. The flapper then closes, sealing off the flowing water and allowing the ta

A Cedar Wishing Well Makes a Great Gift!

A Cedar Wishing Well can add beauty to your outdoor decor. Fill the well with lovely flowers and hang several baskets from its beam. An attractive addition to any backyard.

Vegetable Gardens in Louisiana

Loisiana's climate is such that it is possible to plant a variety of vegetable every day of the year, as the state does not have severe winters. By careful planning, vegetable gardeners in Louisiana can enjoy fresh vegetable crops all year-round by planting different vegetable varieties...

How to Landscape a Hillside

We have a variety of terrain at the location our rural ranch-style house. It ranges from woodlands which occupy about 2/3 of the total area, to lawn which occupies 1/3 of total area. Most of the lawn area is flat, but there is a certain portion which forms a natural amphitheater and rises sharply to

Why You Should Buy An Aluminum Fence and What You Should Consider When You Do

You will most likely chance upon a dealer who deals in all types of fencing, and aluminum fencing would be one of the products. Or else you may find a dealer who deals exclusively in aluminum fences. With such a dealer, you will find a wide choice of fences to choose from. Even though, before you de

Types of Concrete Block Fences

The variety of concrete block fences today is staggering. Concrete fencing projects are limited only by imagination and budget. There are four basic types of concrete block wall components, each with their own design capabilities: basic concrete block, mortar block, non-mortar block, and pre-cast co

How to Change a Lawn Mower Tire

Lawn mowers provide a groomed look to your yard with minimum effort. Occasionally, like any other machine, mowers will break. Engine problems may require an experienced technician, but a damaged wheel requires only a wrench and a few minutes of your time to replace.

Are Hyacinths Poisonous to Animals?

Flowers of common hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) open and add fragrance to a garden when little else blooms. Hyacinth bulbs, which are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, produce the variously colored flowers and spearlike foliage, known as scapes, th

The Best Way to Illuminate a Flagpole

At night, a well-placed and illuminated flag pole is a sight of serene beauty. Decide where to install your flag for best nighttime visibility and choose the best form of illumination from a variety of Christmas, rope and yard lighting options.

Cleaning Up Areas Before You Plant Your Garden

Another element to consider when deciding where to plant your garden is if there are certain areas that need cleaning up or that need to be disguised. With a little imagination and work, you can take an eyesore and change it in to a work of beauty.

DIY Enclosed Patio

If you spend a lot of time outdoors for parties or family events, you might want to consider an enclosed patio. They are great for gathering on warm summer nights or when the weather forces the party indoors. There are many products on the market that will allow you to add an enclosed patio on your

How to Dig Post Holes in Rocky Soil

Post holes are deep, narrow excavations that provide a place to install the posts for your fence. The holes must be deep enough to support the posts with enough room to add a packing material, such as gravel, sand or concrete, to hold the post firmly in place. Putting such narrow holes in rocky soil

How to Make Walkway Stones

Making walkway stones for your home landscaping is a simple task that anyone can do with the right resources. While it is possible to purchase pre-made stones from the local home improvement store, there are several alternatives. Bricks make great walkway stones, as do river rocks. Either can be fou

Awesome Auger

Gardening and doing yard work can take a lot of time out of your day. Especially for the difficult tasks like pulling out weeds, removing stumps and shrubs, and even digging holes in your garden to make room for planting new trees or plants. Yard work can be troublesome, but it can be made easier by

Trees for Landscaping in Florida

Native trees are the way to go in Florida landscaping. The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences highly recommends native trees, warning that some counties already require using a percentage of native plant materials in future developments, and others are...

How to Control Moisture Under a House

Moisture accumulation under a house can present problems ranging from a musty odor to foundation and structural deterioration. Common strategies to remove excess moisture include creating vapor barriers and improving drainage. Each house and environment presents different challenges, which may mean

How To Choose A Leaf Blower

Many people would like to purchase a leaf blower, since it is a faster, easier method of clean-up than the traditional rake. However, with the large assortment of styles to choose from, the selection process can be a bit overwhelming. Basically, they come in either a gas or electric unit. Each has d

How to Install Brick Pavers on a Concrete Floor

Brick pavers are available in a range of thicknesses. Thin pieces of brick can be used to cover indoor or outdoor floor surfaces. They are made from fired clay, just like traditional building bricks, but are usually less than one inch thick. These pavers are installed using the same techniques used

Austin Landscaper Turns Barren Lands Into Beautiful Place!

Homeowners of Austin who are more conscious about how their homes look turn to the Austin landscaper. Every different landscaper has its own expertise like some specialise in the construction part, others take care of ...