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How to Remove Grease From Suede With a Cloth Dipped in Vinegar or Club Soda

Suede is a soft leather that is used to make items ranging from sofas to coats. When suede comes in contact with grease, it not only causes a stain; the grease makes the fabric become hard, which can make it uncomfortable as well as unattractive. It is possible to remove grease stains from suede wit

How to Fasten Plastic Hardware

Lightweight, durable plastic hardware is used to fasten products for a variety of industries. Plastic hardware can be snapped, hooked or screwed together to connect two or more surfaces. Plastic fasteners that are mishandled or kept in extreme conditions often crack and fail to stay together. Metal

How to Use a Kilz Primer

Primer is a coat of special paint that is applied to a wall prior to painting. The purpose is to provide a cover for a previous coat of paint that has a dark shade that will bleed through. There is also the problem of magic marker on a wall which primer can cover. Kilz brand primer covers as any oth

How to Clean Red Oak Kitchen Cabinets

All types of wood kitchen cabinets, including a red oak finish, get dirty from grime, fingerprints and general use. But it doesn’t take much to keep them clean. You won’t need to buy any special cleaning products, as mild soap and water will do the trick. If the red oaks begins to wear w

Natural Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Vinegar and water can be mixed in a spray bottle for natural cleaning.Spray image by Dominator from Fotolia.comNatural non-toxic cleaning products that you make at home have many benefits over their chemical counterparts. They are better for your health and for the environment and, in...

How to Get Rid of Mold on Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo sometimes suffers from mold that appears on its leaves or its stalks. The mold isn't harmful to the plant, but is at times, unsightly. There are easy to do home remedies to kill or stop the mold from continuing to form. One very good way to prevent the mold from appearing in the first p

How to Compare the Sunbeam 4268 to the 4267

The Sunbeam 4268 and 4267 are two professional level irons used on clothing. If you're in the market for a new iron and are having a hard time deciding between the two models, comparing the two can help narrow down your decision. Comparing involves taking a look at the specifications and features in

How to Seam a Linoleum Floor

Linoleum flooring is actually made of vinyl and comes in large rolls that are typically 12 feet wide. Installing a linoleum floor simply requires that you apply adhesive and unroll the flooring before pressing it down. If the installation location is wider than 12 feet, you must attach two sections

Iron Chelate and Yellow Leaves

Chelated iron is used to treat iron chlorosis -- aka iron deficiency -- in shrubs and trees. Iron deficiency causes the leaves to turn yellow. A nitrogen deficiency will also result in yellow leaves. Distinguish between an iron and a nitrogen deficiency by identifying which leaves have turned yellow

My Sink Drain Is Stuck in the Bathroom

Sink drains get stuck or clogged occasionally, which keeps water from draining. The bathroom sink is often stuck due to all the things that are allowed to go down the drain such as moisturizing soap, oils, lotions and hair. To get the sink unstuck, there are a few things that you can try, depending

How to Install Intumescent Sealant

Intumescent sealant, which is manufactured by several companies under personalized brand names, consists of an acrylic latex formula which is designed to seal through-hole fittings around cables, pipes, wire looms, ductwork and other conduits. Intumescent seal provides leak-proof barriers around win

How to Remove Burned Vegetable Oil From a Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless steel is a popular element in pots and pans. The best way to keep them clean is to wipe them out while they are still hot, just after cooking. However, if vegetable oil in the pan has burned or has been left in the pan for too long, it may be difficult to clean out. Scrubbing it thoroughly

How to Sterilize Pruning Shears

Good-quality pruning shears aren't cheap, which is one reason to keep them clean and in good shape. An even more compelling reason is that your pruning shears could quickly spread plant disease throughout your entire garden if they aren't properly maintained. Sterilizing your pruning shears isn't a

Types of Plants That Are Watered Daily

Plants need different amounts of water depending on the climate and location. For example, plants growing in flower pots need generally need to be watered more often than those that are growing in the ground. If the plant is growing in a hot, dry climate, it usually needs more water. Of course, wate

How to Clean Burnt-On Food on an Electric Cooktop

Overflowing liquids and splattered food left on the cooktop will burn into the glass or ceramic surface when the cooktop is in subsequent use. Burned-on food left uncleaned is damaging to the cooktop's surface and shortens the life of the appliance, but it can be cleaned with a scraper. A razor scra

Delicate Rust Removal

Moisture in the air causes rust stains to develop on delicate metal objects. Old water pipes can deposit rusty water onto clothing in washing machines, producing reddish stains on fabrics. If not promptly and thoroughly removed, rust can permanently damage the appearance and composition of delicate

How to Kill Mold on a Roof

Mold is a common problem in many households. Mold thrives in humid, damp locations that are void of sunlight. Many homeowners go to great lengths to kill and remove mold from inside of their home. Unfortunately, many do not look beyond the inside of their home. A roof can become an ideal breeding gr

How to Sharpen a Rotary Pencil Sharpener

A rotary pencil sharpener comprises a pencil sharpener mount, a shavings container and a set of planetary gears with cylindrical blades mounted on one end and a handle on the other. The cylindrical blades look like large screws. However, the threads of the screws are actually blades, beveled on one

How to Remove a Scuffed Polyurethane Seal From Hardwood Floors

Polyurethane adds a rich and glossy top coat to furniture, cabinets and hardwood floors. The product goes on like a stain and dries clear. Polyurethane acts as a protective barrier, keeping normal wear and tear from breaking down the color of the wood stain. However, even this protective coating can