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How to Make a Galvanized Metal Table Top

Galvanization refers to the process of dipping steel and iron into a bath of zinc. The coating prevents the metal from corroding. Available flat or corrugated, the metal is typically used in industrial applications as ductwork, for troughs and feed pails, and as a roofing material. Decorative purpos

What Causes a Creaking & Popping Noise in Hardwood Floors?

Although hardwood floors are desired by many home owners, few people want the pops and squeaks that can accompany them. Even properly installed hardwood flooring may develop those annoying sounds over time. Finding the source of the noise is not always easy, but there are a few common places to begi

How to Remove Cured Polyurethane

Once polyurethane cures, it creates a tough protective surface that is resistant to dirt and wear. However, if you need to refinish a surface or you have simply spilled polyurethane and it cured before you could clean it up, take steps to remove it from your home. While cured polyurethane is a tough

The Advantages of Wood Doors

Wood doors look best on older homes and those built in a traditional style.Elke Van de Velde/Photodisc/Getty ImagesWhen building or remodeling a home, the front door is a key element in your home's exterior decor. Entry doors come in a wide range of materials, such as steel, fiberglass...

Do I Need to Seal Stone Tile for a Backsplash?

Sealing a stone backsplash to prevent stains may or may not be necessary depending on the absorbency rate of the stone. Most natural stone products do not require a sealer because they do not absorb enough liquid to cause permanent staining to stone surfaces. For stone with high absorbency rates, so

How to Install a Solar Attack Fan

Attic fans are designed to circulate warm air out of your attic and keep your home cool in the summer. If the attic fan is solar powered, it allows you to take advantage of the sun to help improve your home's energy efficiency, both because it does not require any more power and also because it circ

How to Hang 4x8 Sheetrock

Home building and remodeling often includes the replacement or construction of a new wall. A wall consists of metal or wood studs covered with sheetrock. After the framing of a room or wall is complete, you nail sheetrock to the studs to cover the open spaces and finish the walls. Once the sheetrock

How to Acid-Wash Ceramic Tile to Remove Dried Grout

Ceramic tiles are recognized for their durability, resistance and numerous designs. Tiles are adhered and sealed with cement grout during installation to provide stability and seal joints. Failure to properly clean tile surfaces after grouting causes them to become marred with unsightly grout residu

How to Buy Direct from a Lumber Mill

Buy lumber directly from a lumber mill to save money on large projects. Lumber purchased through a middle vendor can be more costly for large orders and purchasing lumber from a discount store can leave you with less than quality lumber. By contacting the lumber mill directly, you'll receive quality

How to Become a Spray Foam Contractor

Spray foam insulation provides a number of advantages over traditional fiberglass insulation. And as energy becomes more expensive to produce and distribute, the demand for high-performance insulation is rising. Becoming a spray foam contractor doesn't require years of experience or training, althou

How to Measure for Bookshelves

A bookshelf fits most walls, as long as there is a moderate amount of space. To determine if a bookshelf will fit your room, measure the wall's height, width and depth. If the dimensions of the wall are larger than those of the shelf, the shelf will fit. Some bookshelves have adjustable shelves or a

How to Train in Building Evacuation

Taking the necessary steps and thinking ahead about evacuating a building can save your life in a real emergency. Training yourself to be fully aware of exits, fire alarm locations or even smoke detectors instills a habit of preparedness, which can help ensure quick thinking when an emergency occurs

Do it Yourself: Setting 4X6 Wooden Posts

Outdoor building projects often begin by setting posts. As these posts will literally form the backbone of your structure, setting them properly will help ensure your success. Setting large posts like 4-by-6s may take some time and require the assistance of a helper, particularly if they are very

Tips on Floor Leveling

Not all floors are level.hardwood floor texture image by GoodMood Photo from Fotolia.comWhen you are remodeling a house, it may be necessary to install a new floor or repair an existing one. In this process you may find that the floor is not level, which is not surprising in an older...

How to Get off Old Tile Mortar

Removing and replacing ceramic tile in any room of your house is a time-consuming and dirty job that requires hard work. If you attempt it, you should be commended for your diligence, and you will be well rewarded when you see the results of your labors. Pulling up the old tiles is hard work; you sh

DIY Replace Double Sash Window Spring

If your double hung window is not pulling up smoothly, one of the problems could be a deteriorating sash cord. Overtime, the sash cords can suffer from wear and tear. Instead of replacing with another sash cord, you can replace it with something that would be more durable and long lasting. A window

How to Live on Solar Power

Homes that run on solar power are far more environmentally friendly than those relying on the grid for their electricity. According to the Solar Oregon website, various governmental incentives and tax credits can cover up to 80 percent of the costs involved in implementing a solar system. Households

How to Get Mildew Out of Grout

Mildew thrives in areas with high humidity and moisture. These areas often include kitchens, bathrooms, showers and the surface of tile floors. Tile floors are held in place using a porous material called grout. The grout absorbs water easily and can develop mildew quickly if not dried and cleaned.

How to Check For Insufficient Insulation

Adding more insulation to your home can make it more energy efficient, and that could save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Your home can lose a great deal of heat through the walls and the attic, and insufficient insulation could be costing you a lot of money. If you suspect that your h

Drop Ceiling Ideas for a Basement

Unfinished basements can seem cold and uninviting. Finishing your basement is a good way to add more usable space to your home. In addition to wall coverings and flooring, deciding what to do with the ceilings can be a challenge. There are a lot of creative ideas for using drop ceilings...