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How to Attach a Dryer Door on a Whirlpool Duet

The Whirlpool Duet dryer offers a variety of drying care cycles along with different heat and time settings. The door on the Duet dryer has a window on the front that allows you to see your laundry while it's drying. If you choose to install the dryer yourself, you may also have to install the door.

Air Purifier Basics

We all know how important air quality is, if you have ever spent a few hours on a plane you probably know that poor air quality has very negative effects, and that in some cases air quality has a very significant effect on general health.

How to Troubleshoot a Collezioni Ice Maker

The Professional Series Collezioni ice maker is a portable ice maker that offers a 1 gallon water reservoir and can produce up to 35 lbs. of ice per day. The device can be set to produce ice cubes of various sizes and begins making ice in just over five minutes. The storage bin is removable and the

How to Get a Bigger TV in a Small Space

Developments in media technology have made 50- to 60-inch flat-panel televisions the new standard in home entertainment. While many people may like the idea of improving their viewing experience, it can also seem impossible to fit a bigger television into a small space. However, along with developme

Grid Ceiling Tools

A grid or suspended ceiling is made up of individual tiles that are hung from both your ceiling and your walls. These ceilings are usually soundproof, and work perfectly for loud or high-traffic areas. If you plan on installing a grid ceiling, you need the proper tools which help you hang and secure

Where Does The Natural Gas I Use In My Home Come From?

You may have heard of the term 'food miles'. It refers to how far the food on your plate has to travel from where it was produced to get to your kitchen. This is helpful measure for consumers who wish to lower their carbon footprint by buying food that generated less carbon emissions in it

How to Install a Lutron Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch by Lutron installed to control a light fixture can be a great addition to a room. It can add flexibility to lighting needs, which can be especially desirable in a living or dining room. Lutron dimmer switches come in many different styles; once you've decided which one to use, insta

How to Change a Belt in a Kenmore Washer

When your normally reliable top-loading Kenmore washer stops working, it is tempting to panic, or to pay top dollar for a fast repair. However, a quick diagnostic check may reveal that a belt replacement is the key to solving the problem. The belt could have cracks in it, causing the washer not to s

Why Get Caught Up In Wires?Go Wireless With Your Audio

Accessibility to music, at anytime and anywhere, has been implemented and expanded at a tremendous rate in the past few years.Technologically, the music industry and their affiliates became acutely aware of their 'up to speed' target market and evolved into a rather tech-savvy, mobilized m

I Smell Gas by the Dryer But There Is No Leak in the Line

It's sometimes possible to detect a faint gas smell after you turn on your gas clothes dryer. It's at this point that the gas valve opens to release gas for the igniter to produce a flame required for heat. However, if the smell is stronger than normal and you can't find a leak in the dryer's main g

How HVAC Warranties Work

You probably have heard a lot of experts saying that you need to start looking for an HVAC company that can provide you with insurance, but are you aware of the things that make an insurance work? There are a lot of things that you need to consider when looking at insurances and you need to be sure

What Is a Forced Air Convection Oven?

The convection oven is a modern approach to cooking, and has a number of benefits over conventional ovens. The convection oven allows you to cook more quickly with less heat, and produces a different type of finish on your food. If you are considering buying a forced air convection oven, you should

Hidden Perks of a Hidden TV

The idea of owning a hidden TV may not have occurred to you before.After all, many people want their TV to be a major focus point.There are lots of hidden perks of owning a hidden TV, though.

Three Types of Contaminants Your Water Purifier Filter Needs to Remove

Let's face it. The quality of water being supplied to our homes is deteriorating day by day. With all kinds of new chemicals being produced in the industries, sooner or later they make their way into the water supply and pose a risk to our health. You need to ask yourself then - can your water

How to Wire a 480-Volt 3-Wire With Ground

Factories and other industrial buildings sometimes require a higher voltage for their electrical service. This is especially true if it's a factory that uses large electrical motors that run off 480-volt electrical service. Knowing how to wire a 480-volt plug to the motor is essential to ensure you

How to Decoupage a Light Switch Cover

Centuries ago artisans pasted hand-painted pictures onto furniture and walls then coated the images with lacquer creating the art of decoupage. Now, decoupage is used for all sorts of crafts. You can even decoupage those unsightly light switch covers. We come into contact with them on a daily basis,

Why It Is Important To Regularly Clean Air Conditioning Parts

Did you know that one of the most common causes of fires in homes during winter are the portable heating equipment that are used by many people? These fires happen because people tend to use alternative sources of heat generation like wood stoves or space heaters.