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How Atom Smashers Work

A particle accelerator, also commonly referred to as an "atom smasher," is a device which splits apart the different subatomic particles in an atom. The cathode ray tube in a television is one type of basic atom smasher. Modern particle accelerators use electromagnetic fields to propel particles and

How to Make a Short HF Antenna

A high-frequency antenna (HF) receives signals from transmitters used by personnel such as firemen, police and mobile radio operators. A short RF antenna that employs a horizontal rod can be made from supplies purchased from a hardware store. The HF antenna you will make requires tools that most hom

How to Make Items Unsearchable in Spotlight

As of 2011, Apple's Macintosh computer line runs the OS X operating system, which contains a number of user-friendly features. Among the bells and whistles included in OS X is Spotlight, which allows users to access applications, files, folders and drives through a search field located in the right

How to Build a Scrim With PVC Pipe Photos

A scrim consists of a light-diffusing material attached to a frame that can be used to diffuse a light that is too bright or too harsh for photography. Professional scrims can be very expensive, and can sometimes be heavy to carry around. Using inexpensive materials, you can build your own scrim tha

Easy Hand-Made Crafts

Many people enjoy making crafts as a means to relax. Others make crafts to give as gifts, or even to sell at craft fairs and flea markets. For someone who is just starting out with craft making, there are easy crafts in popular categories that can be made even by beginners. Starting with easy crafts

How to Mount a Home Weather Station

Observing weather accurately from your home has greatly improved in accuracy with the development of wireless technology in home weather stations. There are many models of weather stations available in various price ranges, but the common denominator in all of them is the need for setting up station

Repairing the Fringes on a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a stylish yet practical item of clothing. While leather is durable, the fringes can become worn and damaged over time. Damage to the fringes can occur from daily wear or from storing the jacket incorrectly. Leather jackets are expensive, so repairing the fringes yourself is well

How to Make Your Own Pinch Rod

The art of woodworking dates back well before the development of modern industry. Woodworkers of yesteryear created not only fine pieces of woodcraft, but also the tools with which to make them. Keeping woodworking projects square can prove difficult, but time and experience has created many tools t

How to Obtain a Gun License in South Dakota

When it comes to the right to bear arms, South Dakota makes it easier than many other states. No permit, license or registration is required to purchase, own or visibly carry a handgun, shotgun or rifle in South Dakota. Handgun purchases do require a 48-hour waiting period and an application, which

What Are Arizona's Plants & Animals?

The fragrant saguaro cactus blossoms open at night and last only 18 hours.Saguaro Cactus Bloms image by Richard Haworth from Fotolia.comNorthern Arizona gets snow and single-digit temperatures in the winter and milder summers than the south with an average annual rainfall of at least 25...

Carving Wood Spirits for Beginners

Wood spirit carvings combine the elements of nature with human faces to create spirits of the woods. These wood spirit carvings are often found carved on wooden hiking sticks. While it can be challenging to carve your first wood spirit, practice and patience can help you develop wood spirit carving

How to Capture Villages in Travian

Travian is an online game where a multitude of players establish, develop and expand villages in a variety of ways. The players work in close proximity with fellow registrants on the game map. Once you are sufficiently powerful, villages may be captured and incorporated into your empire. While it ta

Megalodon Games

Though the Great White shark struck fear in the hearts of many and had people afraid to go swimming in the ocean thanks to movies such as "Jaws," Great White sharks are like babies compared to the mega shark or the Carcharodon Megalodon, the giant ancestor of the Great White.

How to Build a Wooden Dummy

Have you ever wanted to use a wooden dummy for target practice or to trick a friend, only to come up empty when you went to purchase it? A wooden dummy is a great tool for practicing marksmen and the practical joker among us but they are difficult to find and often extremely expensive. These simple

Tips for Sculpting Clay

Sculpting clay is a hobby that allows you to get dirty and express your own creativity. However, whether you're just getting started as a sculptor or have been working with clay for a long time, it never hurts to study a tip or two about how to make your medium more enjoyable.

How to Get Food From an Indian Almond Plant

You're lost in the Caribbean--and have been for several days now. Finding fresh water was easy; a fast-flowing stream and a small spring both provide you with drinking water. You've spent the last two nights in a small, makeshift shelter you erected yourself using palm leaves, rocks and some sticks

What Are the Contents of Gorilla Glue?

One of the strongest polyurethane adhesives in the glue industry, Gorilla Glue was named by Popular Science as one of the "Best of What's New" products in 2006. It only contains a few ingredients, but they are toxic.

How to Replace Transformers in Antique Radios

Finding an antique radio may boost your spirits, but getting it to work may bring them right back down. You may get lucky by just changing the tubes, but if not, you need technical troubleshooting skills and a schematic diagram of the radio. If you discover a bad transformer, finding a new one may w

How to Make an Aquifer With Only a Cup and Gravel

In nature, groundwater aquifers serve as reservoirs for irrigation water and drinking water for millions of people worldwide. Hydro-geology and hydrology are sciences that study groundwater and the water cycle to better understand the ways that water moves into and out of groundwater aquifers and su