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Day2Night How Mom Can Stop Germs

This WebMD interactive program offers parents tips on keeping themselves and their family safe from germs at home and school.

Why You Absolutely Must Use an Organic Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Would you like to know how you can reduce the risk of SIDS in your newborn?With all the information out there on sleeping positions, nutrition, and smoking habits, there has been a reduction in the reported cases of SIDS. But there is still one very dangerous, very possible cause of SIDS, and your b

How to Cut Kids' Hair

Cut your kids' hair yourself to save time and money. These tips and tricks will turn you into a hairmaster in your own home.

Word "No's" In The Positive

Most parents have heard somewhere that all children will go through a "no" stage and it is inevitable.During the past twenty years, I've researched and taught effective parenting skills, learned from my own two children, and have heard testimonials from hundreds of parents. Based on a

A Case of the Middle School Jitters

Back to school can be an emotional time for some kids. The thought of a full year of homework assignments, and many new expectations can seem daunting to your pre-teen. A host of new authority figures; teachers, school staff, coaches and other adults all giving directions and although well intended,

Baby Furniture Store Finds: The Bugaboo Bee Denim Stroller

Strollers, quality strollers, anyway, can get pricey. Before you invest potentially hundreds of dollars into one, do your research. There are certain steps you should take before buying a stroller, which are outlined below.

The Games to Teach a Child to Visualize

Visualization has to do with forming an image of something in the mind. Visualization helps children learn to read and better remember what they're learning. Games, such as having to remember items in a jar or on a tray, motivates children to picture things in their minds from items to words. This

Great Ideas for a Unique Baby Shower Favor

For an expectant mother, a baby shower is a special time to celebrate the arrival of a new member to her family and it is for this one reason that her baby shower should be as memorable an event as possible. Don't forget though, that a baby shower is supposed to be a fun time for the quests as

Introducing Food Textures

Techniques and recipes that can help your child learn to adjust to texture in food.

Double Baby Stroller Buying Options

They come in many flavors and at various price points. Your double baby stroller needs to be functional, good-looking, and affordable. In fact, the affordability of a double baby stroller is probably the deciding factor in you buying or not buying, all other things being about the same.

Chicco Cortina Travel System

The stroller comes with infant car seat and stroller that work individually or as a whole unit. In other words, you can use this stroller as an infant car seat when traveling or a full-size stroller for your toddler.

Getting Ready to Leave Confinement

Many women get anxious when it comes time to enter confinement, but there is even more anxiety when it comes time to let go of your confinement nanny and officially enter the real world again. This is about the time that you are no longer considered fragile or in recovery. Your body is starting to f

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage, part of a collection of St. Patricks Day recipes. A recipe for a traditional St. Patricks Day main dish of corned beef and cabbage.

A Guide to Nursery Gliders: Picking Out the Best From the Rest

A modern recreation of the traditional rocking chair, the nursery glider is becoming the new must-have when it comes to nursery room furniture. Nursery gliders offer parents a comfortable place to sit in while soothing, nursing, feeding, or calming their newborns to sleep.

From Homework Hell to Homework Heaven

We've all been there ….. half an hour later he's still sitting at the table, having done nothing but, well, probably day-dreaming, or, after one look at the task set, flies into a 'I

Respond to Your Child's Night Wakings

All babies awaken during the night. The question is whether they can settle down and get back to sleep. (Newborns and younger babies are the exception, since they typically require night feedings.) Babies learn to do what parents expect of them. Do the least amount of intervening so that your baby c