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How To Learn To Cook Well

Cooking is an art form. Every person is not able to cook well. If you have no talent for cooking well in that case you can learn the art by several ways. The first requirement ...

How to Freeze a Spiral Ham

Spiral hams are precooked, bone-in hams. The hams come sliced in a long, continuous cut up the bone that runs through the center of the ham. These hams require minimal preparation. A glaze is added, if desired, then the ham is reheated so it's served piping hot. Like all hams, a spiral ham is prone

Easily Make Your Own Corned Beef at Home

Corned beef is an old time favorite food which can be easily purchased at your nearby grocery store. In case you didn't know, corned beef used to be a homemade recipe. It was only until the commercial products began showing up that the old time recipe of homemade corned beef began to fade. The

Russian River Valley Wines

Other than wine production the Russian River Valley produces cheese as well as food stuff. Accordingly, if you love good wine and food, the Russian River Valley is the place to visit. The valley is said to have received its name from Russian settlers in the 1800s.

Espresso Coffee Makers, Semi-Automatic or Automatic, What's the Difference?

In the world of espresso coffee makers today there is a vast variety of types, styles and manufacturers in which to choose from. Today the purpose is to understand the differences between the semi-automatic and the fully automatic espresso maker. Although there are not many differences between the t

One Whopping Tip For Out-Of-This-World Sauteed Mushrooms

Before I discovered this delicious mushroom tip, I would clean & slice the mushrooms and then saute them in a little olive oil and butter. They were delicious and I didn't think it would be possible to improve the flavor. Then I read a tip out of an old gourmet cookbook that changed my life (we

How to Broil Deer Chops

Whether you buy your deer or venison chops at a meat market or shoot your own during hunting season, the meat tastes delicious when cooked and seasoned correctly. Experiment with different flavors, both salty and sweet, when deciding on your favorite sauce or seasonings to accompany the deer chops.

How to Make a Burger King Whopper at Home

If you're like me, you love the taste of the Burger King Whopper.You love it, but you are wary of the calories and fat you ingest by eating it.It's charbroiled, but it's still fast food.Luckily, it's entirely possible to make a Whopper at home that tastes more or less exactly lik

How to Cook the Best Corn on the Cob

A summer meal wouldn't be complete without fresh corn on the cob. The problem is, most people overcook it, making it soggy and tasteless. If you have been having trouble figuring out how to cook the best corn on cob that features crunchy savory goodness, than try these simple cooking tips.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

If you have ever asked yourself, what is Earl grey tea don't feel silly. Although this type of tea has been a favorite for generations many people do not actually know what this type of ...

Try Broiled Lemon Thyme Pollock For an Easy, Healthy Meal

If your goal is to start eating healthier this year, a good way to start is by incorporating more fish into your diet. The cold, clean rivers and oceans in Alaska provide some of the tastiest and most nutritious fish in the world. Alaska seafood is full of things that are good for you, like Omega-3

Homely Donuts

Having donuts by spending few bucks at commercial shop is altogether a different experience. But, at the same time you can very well bake donuts at home at your convenience which is a low cost affair. The mouth watering recipes of donuts can be easily cooked at home by using the same ingredients. Th

How to Make Pumpkin Soup in a Crockpot

If you love the flavor of homemade pumpkin soup, you can make crockpot pumpkin soup to save yourself a lot of time. Crockpot cooking means you can leave your meal to cook itself while you are busy doing other things and crockpot recipes always taste smoother and more richly flavored than other dishe

Great Places To Eat In Cork

Locally famous in Cork city, Kay Harte has been running the constantly busy Farmgate Restaurant since 1994. Beside the English Market, it serves what's available on the stalls that day, ensuring that everything on the ...

Things to Do With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is not only consumed as a carbonated drink, it's used in a variety of other ways as well -- including mixed in alcoholic beverages and as flavoring for cooking meat and making desserts. Also, while many people claim that Coke can do everything from cleaning blood stains to curling hair, it

How to Store Individual Cloves of Garlic in a Freezer

The taste of fresh garlic in a savory recipe can kick your food up several notches, giving virtually any dish a little zest. A bulb of fresh garlic requires careful storage to ensure that the cloves stay tasty. Streamline your preparation process slightly and store individual cloves of garlic in a f

What Is Coconut Sap Sugar?

Coconut sap sugar is a sugar substance that is derived from the sap of the coconut tree. It can be used in applications where regular sugar is used, such as cooking, baking, and sweetening coffee and tea.