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How Bergamot Essential Oil is Made

What could be more delightful than the bright, sparkling citrus aroma of freshly distilled Bergamot? About two years ago, I traveled to Calabria in the south of Italy to visit an organic Bergamot dist

Acidophilus Yeast Infection Treatment - Cure With Home Foods

One of the best ways of treating and curing yeast infections is by the use of foods that contain acidophilus bacteria. Now, you'll get to know foods that contain these acidophilus bacteria and how to use them effectively to permanently cure the infection.

Homeopathy – A Safe Holistic Treatment

Homeopathy is a process of healing that supports the body's own healing mechanism. It is based on the law of similar 'like cures like'. A medicine in Homeopathy is considered a pure and natur

Stop Sweating - Can It Truly Offer A Solution That Lasts?

Sweating is a normal bodily function or medical condition. But then you have every reason to be worried if you notice yourself not sweating at all, or that you are sweating too little, or perhaps a little too excessively. Do not feel bad that there might just be a few of you who are going through su

Try These Foods That Cleanse Your Colon

Most people are not aware that there are natural foods that cleanse your colon which work in conjunction with supplements to make your cleanse that much more effective. The most important ingredient i

Why Take a Sauna

Taking a sauna has more benefits than simply providing relaxation and a feeling of well being. Perspiration is a way of flushing out toxins and disease. Releasing these toxins allows people to maintain optimal mental health. Saunas have been used for thousands of years. History and literature conta

6 Tips to Prevent Underarm Sweat

Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis and by following these 6 simple tips you can easily prevent underarm sweat from embarrassing you again. There are many treatments available for this problem but simple natural remedies are more effective, cost less and are painless unlike OTC or othe

Natural Treatment For Anxiety Disorder Without Medication

In today's fast-paced world, it's only natural to be pinned under the weight of life's pressures and demands which often brings emotional lows. Job expectations, relationship demands, family responsibility and endless lists like these often take a toll on even the most competent indiv

Two Tips to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

Warts can cause a lot of distress to people having them in easily visible areas on the skin. They are sometimes unpleasant to look at and can make a person very self-conscious if people keep ...

Benefits Of Understanding An Infrared Sauna Review

There are a few steps that you will want to take if you are interested in purchasing a sauna. The first step of course is learning what is out there, what your options are. Each ...

Healing With Prana - The Essential Energy Healing Modality

When we picture in our mind a "faith" healer, we may wonder, when the sick are healed, if it is some type of placebo effect, or if there is some validity to it. Then what exactly is the substance being used to initiate this type of healing? If it is not a physical or chemical medicine, can

Foods That Lower Cholesterol

The key to reducing cholesterol absorption is reducing saturated fats in your diet and replacing these with foods that are rich in unsaturated fats (both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated)

The Advanced Technology Of The Infrared Sauna Spa

Many people go some place and sit there in some heat. To get warmth, they roam to warm places and get relaxed. But with the advent of Infra red sauna spa, people no longer need to wonder anywhere out of their house