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Asian Bridal Makeup - How to Get the Best Makeup on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. As the bride you are the center of attention and you want to look your best. Putting time and thought into your Asian bridal makeup will make everything go smoothly and leave you looking gorgeous for your big day.

How to Plan a Cinderella Party

Cinderella is a popular Disney animated movie first released in 1950. However, prior to the film, the story of Cinderella was a folktale told in nations around the world, with a history dating back to ancient Egypt. However, if you are looking for a party theme that is recognizable to party guests

How to Make Flower Centerpieces with Real Flowers

When making a flower centerpiece using real flowers, there are no rules to the shapes, sizes, colors or types of flowers to add to the arrangement. Experiment with different flowers until you come up with the design you like the most. Play around with contrasting textures and colors. You can even ar

Formal Dining Etiquette Tips

Using the appropriate tableware is a major part of formal dining.table setting 3 image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comWhile the rules of dining etiquette may vary from region to region of the world, certain rules should be followed in order to be respectful to the host and impress others...

Gift Ideas for Readers at Your Wedding

Those who help out with your wedding, such as the readers, are essential in making the event a wonderful experience. Such individuals deserve something a little more than the typical wedding favor that's given to all of the attendees. Deciding what to give these special wedding helpers...

Ideas & Places for a 1st Birthday

Your little one's first birthday will be here soon, and while he won't remember all the details of the party you plan, you'll want to organize a celebration he can look back on fondly via pictures and video. Select the theme and location for your baby's first birthday celebration based on her newfou

What Happens If You Catch the Bridal Bouquet?

A staple scene at nearly every wedding, the bouquet toss brings a competitive edge to the reception. During this time, all of the unmarried women present gather behind the bride as she throws the bouquet over her head. Traditionally, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. It's

Peacock Inspired Bridesmaid Jewelry

More and more couples these days are choosing the most creative and unique themes for their weddings. One of the most popular wedding themes today is the peacock wedding theme. Along with this beautif

Tips For Finding The Perfect Flower For Your Wedding Ceremony

Spring is that point of the year where one will appreciate the sweetness and bounty of nature. this is often the time when plants begin to deliver and flowers bloom. And after you are reaching to set the wedding in spring, then you'll need a bonus different seasons cannot provide you- you'

Ideas & Themes for Bachelorette Parties

Throw a bachelorette party to image by Travelfish from <a href=''></a>Bachelorette parties are a last chance for the bride-to-be to cut loose before the wedding, and a chance for her to catch up with some of her best girlfriends....

Wedding Ceremony Readings - The Right Reading and the Right Reader

If you are starting from "square one" in selecting the readings for your wedding ceremony, this article will help you define what you want for a reading and who you want to do the reading. With questions to ask yourself and examples, you will be assisted in this small but critical task on

Favors - Keepsakes For Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding favor will remind your guests of what a great time they had at your wedding long after you celebrate your first wedding anniversary! Wedding favors reflects your style and wedding theme.You don't need to give expensive favors to let your guests know how special it was they shared t

Planning Your Dream Wedding With Family and Friends

Your friends may not expect gifts from you for all the assistance they offered, but it is good practice to buy them gifts as tokens of your appreciation. It will be better if you give them something that they can use during the event. You can give small pouch bags to the ladies in colors matching th

Ideas for Cruise Weddings

Going to the chapel is the most traditional route, but many contemporary and luxury-loving couples choose cruise weddings. Cruise weddings require careful planning, but the result is an unforgettable ceremony. Many cruises offer wedding planners and packages to help couples design and personalize th

Benefits For Wedding Flowers In Indian Weddings

Flowers play a big role in Indian wedding decoration. From the usual Mandap, or traditional tent, being covered exclusively with wedding flowers, to flower centerpieces at the wedding reception, flowe

Plan Your Wedding In Italy - The Italian Style

A Wedding is the most memorable day of everyone's life. It is amazing how everything seems to be perfect the moment you hold her in your arms and take the vows. Indeed, weddings are special. ...

Ideas for a Beatles-Themed Party

Transport your guests back to the 1960s with a Beatles-themed party. All sorts of groovy ideas are out there if you want to throw this kind of party. A Beatles-themed party is a way to relive or learn about the culture of that era.

How to Make a Cheap & Pretty Holiday Table

Holidays are a popular time to host family and friends, and you may want to make a dazzling impression by decorating your table with colorful, eye-catching accessories. With a little imagination and creativity, this doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking.

Watching Movies with Fulfillment

It really is very good to have satisfying movies like birthday movies, anniversary movies, and specially the wedding movies. Capturing the most effective moments inside your daily life could be fantastic since it'll serve as ...