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How to Make a Recorder Instrument

The recorder, a woodwind musical instrument, is prevalent among elementary schools today, as plastic versions of the instrument can be produced with little cost. Perhaps your son or daughter is learning the recorder now, or perhaps you yourself owned one in grade school. However, though it serves we

How To Find the Best Electronic Songs

The best electronic songs may not be the most popular. Really, it's up to you to figure out what the "best" music is for yourself, since it's a matter of what you enjoy. Music always has a degree of subjectivity and this holds true for finding good electronic music, just like for

Alicia Keys Going On Ten Years of Success

It's hard to believe Alicia Keys has had 10 years of success under her belt. Keys' has proven she is not a one-hit wonder since releasing her hits in 2000, "Rock Wit U" and "Rear ...

Ten Unlikely Hit Songs That Broke the Rules

Few songs that break the rules of pop songwriting ever achieve mainstream success. Deviate from the predictable verse/chorus structure in 4/4 time arranged for a basic grouping of guitar/keyboards, bass and drums, and you can pretty much guarantee being marginalized. During a 20-year period from rou

Details on The Rock Guitar

Rock music is a variety of stylish music which materializes into the industry of music in 1960s. The rock sound regularly circles all over the bass, drums, electric guitar, and with keyboard instruments such as organ, piano or synthesizers.

How to Use a Lavalier Mic on a Stage

Lavalier mics are miniature microphones performers or speakers use. A lavalier mic can be attached to any piece of clothing, making it hands-free and nearly invisible. With the lavalier mic, performers can speak clearly without strain so audiences can hear them.

Drum Shields

If you have ever been in a place where traditional drums are being played, then you may have noticed the overpowering volume that can occur with traditional drum sets. Countless places across our plan

Business Entrepreneur Ludacris Continues to Grow His Corporate Empire

While Chris Bridges' aka Ludacris is doing an incredible job for the Atlanta community at large, as a leader he is smart enough to know to build a strong backbone of true business leaders around him to continue to grow his enterprises. Albert G. Sye IV, a Morehouse graduate, is the business beh

White Noise in Electronic Music

It took a while for me to realise how much that hideous sound which comes out of an un-tuned TV is used in electro. It has many different uses, a few of which I shall list below.

Professional Recording Studio

In modern time new type of technology is coming in the field of music industry. New electronic devices are coming in the market with new ideas. New gadgets come in market for sound recoding.

How to Select the Best Agencias de Espectaculos

There are so many benefits of using agencias de espectaculos when organizing events. However, you should get the best agencia de espectaculos so that your event is a success. The first thing that you need ...

Essential Guitar Knowledge on How to Play the Guitar Well

Many people think that guitar playing is easy because the pros make them look so. As with other endeavors in life, to be able to master guitar playing requires effort as well as excellent discipline. There is simply no shortcut to playing the guitar well in a couple of weeks or months.

Moontee Sinquah and Sons Perform a Hoop Dance

Moontee Sinquah and his sons Scott and Sampson perform a traditional Hopi hoop dance at the 2012 Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance in Trumansburg, NY.

Paul Wall

Photos from the 6th Annual DUB Custom Auto Show & Concert - Houston, TX

Learn to Play Guitar - Where to Start?

Learning how to play guitar is hard, and it's always more confusing than it should be. With all the different music and playing styles it's even worse. Don't worry though, there is still hope, so you don't need to give up just yet.