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Michael O'loughlin Butchers

Michael O'loughlin Butchers is a butcher that can be found in Limerick and takes pride in being one of the best butchers in Limerick. Try some of their T-bone steaks or some of their fresh ch

Festive Coffee Cake

A festive holiday coffee cake recipe with cherry filling.

Role of Bars to Make Corporate Events Successful

In the corporate world, to strengthen the relationships with business partners, business associates, and clients, you need to arrange various events at different intervals of time.

The Classic Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese is a kind of cheese which is relatively hard, acidic and off white in colour. There is also orange color cheddar in which Annatto (an edible dye) is added for getting the tint of orange

How to Whiten Teeth With Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass is full of vitamins, minerals and overall is good for health. According to the website, wheat grass is helpful in lowering blood pressure and helps minimize the risk of cancers. It is often juiced and consumed because of benefits on the body. points out tha

Tips for Introducing Fiber Into Your Diet

Fiber is plant-based carbohydrates that humans cannot digest. The USDA recommends women and children to eat at least 20g of fiber each day from food, not supplements. The more food you eat, the more fiber you should consume, so teens and men may need to eat 30g to 35g of fiber. Eating a fiber-rich d

How to Write a Dinner Menu Format

Whether throwing a fancy dinner party or planning a new menu for your dining establishment, creating a clear and attention-getting dinner menu format is the first step toward making your offerings accessible to diners. Carefully plan your dinner menu format to ensure that the document provides infor

Nutrition for Elementary Kids

A nutritious diet in children not only leads to lifelong healthy eating habits but lays a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Kids who have the proper nutrition are better able to focus and learn in school. This leads to higher test scores, better school attendance and improved behavior overall. Her

How to Recipes | Dill Cucumber Sauce Recipe

Recipe to make dill cucumber sauce. This is an easy recipe to cook dill cucumber sauce. Prepare and serve dill cucumber sauce for family or friends tonight! Cooking is fun with easy recipes check all my easy recipes here on eHow.


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10 Fun Facts on Healthy Eating

Healthy eating fuels your body, develops strong bones and muscles, wards off life-threatening diseases, helps you think more clearly, increases energy levels, eases joint pain by decreasing inflammation and can ultimately help you live a longer life. By starting slowly and progressively making healt