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What is an Apple PMU Reset?

The PMU, or power management unit, on Apple computers is a small computer within the computer that controls all power functions on various older-model Mac laptops and desktops. These functions include such things as startup, shutdown and fan operation. A PMU reset is a step-by-step process by which

What Do You Think Of Ergonomic Vertical Keyboards?

The ergonomic vertical keyboard is perceived as the best of all ergonomic keyboards. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to emulate your body position and posture while you are accessing your computer, the vertical ergonomic keyboard is designed to do all that, but better.

Benefits of Wireless All in One Printers

Many people today are enjoying the benefits of wireless all in one printers. Here's a look at the benefits you can enjoy as well, along with some more information you can find in multifunction printer reviews.

How to Connect an HP Scanjet 4C to a USB Port

The HP Scanjet 4C is a computer inkjet printer and scanner that connects to a PC or laptop with a standard USB cable. The 4C model includes drivers and operating software on a CD-ROM that must be installed so the desktop or laptop can communicate with the component. Setup and installation should tak

KeyloggerWhat You Should Know?

Using the keyboard is common while using a computer. But this can result in key logger issue. Read this article to know more.

How to Mark a Partition as Bootable in Windows

The partition that boots your computer system has to be a primary partition that is active for your system to be bootable. Only the partition on which the operating system is stored should be marked as active, since only one partition can be active at a time. The operating system will not load if it

How to Replace an Acer Laptop DVD Drive

Acer laptops are popular because of their compact size and user-friendly design. But just like any laptop, accidents happen and DVD drives do malfunction from time to time. In many cases, laptop users will unnecessarily spend hundreds of dollars to pay a computer technician to replace hardware. The

How to Restore a System That Crashed

A system crash can be a scary thing to witness, particularly if you are concerned about how the computer will behave when you restart it. Microsoft Windows operating systems feature "System Restore," which is a function that allows you to restore your computer to an earlier time. This time could be

Corning Enterprise Fiber Optic Cable - Types and Applications

Corning Cable Systems (also called CCS) provides a very complete fiber cable product line for enterprise networks. Enterprise fiber network market includes universities, businesses, medical compuses, and more. Application types vary a lot from indoor to outdoor.

How to Clean Dust From the Power Supply on the Dell XPS 600 Model Number WHL

If your Dell XPS 600 WHL computer has begun to shut down unexpectedly or show other troubling signs, the problem could be as simple as a blocked power supply. Over time, dust and debris from the room get sucked into the computer case, especially around the power supply. That dust and dirt can block

How to Remove the Cover of a Toshiba Satellite

If the screen on your Toshiba Satellite laptop needs to be replaced, and you're interested in performing the task yourself, you have to remove the screen cover. This is commonly known as a bezel, or frame, and it connects just over the LCD screen. Once you remove it, you'll have full access to the L

Fast Computer Repair: How the Professionals Can Help You?

Since computers are holding an important place in our lives so a little problem in it makes us worried. They have become a must have utility for almost everyone including individuals and large scale businesses. ...

Industrial Computers

In this day and age you can't afford to run an industry efficiently without a computer as it plays a vital part in most manufacturing facilities. You must decide on a computer that is designed and built for 24/7 (non-stop; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and that can cope with the harsh industri

Files & Settings Transfer Software

File transfer software enables you to transfer files and settings from one computer to another. You can use this software when you're upgrading to a new computer or your operating system is malfunctioning.

How to Troubleshoot an IBM ThinkPad A22M

While the IBM ThinkPad series of computers often receives high marks for build quality and toughness, technical issues can affect the monitor, keyboard, battery and more that may require your immediate attention. Troubleshooting to diagnose the source of a problem on an IBM ThinkPad A22M is not a pr

How to Determine if a Printer is Compatible With Windows XP

If you want to use a printer with Windows XP, you'll need to ensure that it's compatible. If a printer was designed for a different operating system, this doesn't mean it won't work with Windows XP. Also, the availability of Windows XP software or drivers doesn't guarantee compatibility. There are s

How to Create a Wireless Ad Hoc Network

With a wireless ad hoc network, two or more computers with wireless cards can connect to share files. Next time you get a new PC, you can create an ad hoc network to transfer files from your old computer to the new one. With Windows 7, creating an ad hoc network takes only a few moments.

How to Permanently Wipe a Laptop

The quickest and easiest way to wipe a laptop is to use a recovery disc to reinstall its operating system. This will reset your machine to its original factory settings and permanently erase all programs and data on its hard drive. Whether you're looking to recondition your laptop to sell on or just