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How to Calculate Interest Rate on a Compensating Balance & Installment Loan

A compensating balance is an account balance that a bank can use to offset an unpaid loan. Installment loans featuring a compensating balance requirement will have a higher effective interest rate than loans without this feature. Calculating the interest rate on a compensating balance and installmen

Custom Made Container Labels

Business arena is turning more and more competitive these days. For purchasing a single product, you can find thousands of choices. Every business owner is trying to implement innovative marketing strategies to set their brand apart from others. This article explains the importance of product label

Develop Alliances and Achieve More

A curse of many small business owners and consultants is the "Lone Ranger Syndrome." This affliction causes struggles and limits growth and opportunity simply because of a need to "go it alone." Forming alliances and joint ventures can help growth and overcome many inherent probl

How to Get Rid of Dog Smells in Your Carpet

Having a dog is a lovely experience. You become best friends and you love spending time with your new furry friend. But although they are great companions, there is one downside to having a pet ...

Starting a Business - The Disadvantages of Self Employment

Most people are aware of the advantages of self employment, the main benefits being: being your own boss - working from home - flexible hours of work - the motivation which comes from getting all the rewards of your labour There is no doubt the items listed above mount a powerful argument for being

Incorporating Services and Succession Planning

If you run a small business you may have thought about incorporating or even succession planning. Both are much easier and affordable these days with the proper planning.

Custom Concerns Balls

The last few weeks my life has been a bit complicated, for lack of a better word. Work has been absolutely insane with deadlines stacking on top of deadlines which isn't necessarily a bad thing ...

How to Make Money As a Nail Technician

Nail technicians who have talent and excellent customer service skills can quickly rise to the top of their profession, earning a higher hourly wage. Of course, in order to make money as a nail technician, you must first be certified and licensed by the state in where you live.

The Smarter Mall Experience

For shoppers, the experience begins a lot before they enter a store and look at merchandise of their interest. Getting to the mall with ease, finding a convenient parking spot, locating the store of their ...

Casters Have Been Forming Long Term Relationships

You can find a caster to fit just about any mobility need in the commercial and industrial environment. If you are trying to move large equipment it can be mounted with these little wheels and moved with ease.

Tips for Small-Business Data Backup and Storage

No matter how small your business is, you still need a data backup plan. Protecting your computer's data files is something every small-business must know about and deal with before it is too late. It is not a complicated or expensive process. Protect your small business with these simple and i

Laser Printers Vs Inkjet Printers

So what exactly is the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers? There is a lot of confusion when it comes to inkjet printers vs. laser printers.