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Nursing Career - Ensuring Job Security

Job security is one of the things that people look for when they search for a job. It is so hard to find a career path that will ensure job security. It depends on the consumers whether companies continue to produce these services. When there is no demand, then it is pointless to create a supply. It

How to Balance Home and Work

Missed another dinner party or recital because you were stuck at theoffice? Do you spend weekends catching up on work rather than beingwith your family or friends? The trick to creating a healthy balance isto be conscious of what you're doing and when you're doing it.

Tips to Find Affordable Culinary Schools

Concerning going to school to become a pastry chef, there are many classes that you're going to take. You will certainly begin with a course on making bread as this is an elementary step you ...

The 7 Proven Leadership Characteristics

The world is full of articles, books, manuals and courses on what it takes to be a great leader. So why do you need another one? With all of the hype around leadership and leadership ...

Construction Foreman Qualifications

The foreman is in charge of the construction image by Pali A from Fotolia.comThere are few jobs on the construction site more stressful and potentially dangerous as that of the foreman. The foreman is the supervisor, leader and often the referee at any construction...

Employee Assessments and Evaluations

Finding the right employee is difficult at the best of times particularly if you are recruiting someone new, then you also have to ensure you keep hold of them. Employee assessments are the key to understanding people and are useful as they help you make a more informed decision when choosing the ri

How to Manage Problem Workgroups

So you have a problem workgroup? Do not despair as there are ways to redirect the workgroup toward a common goal - and it's all based on generational knowledge!

Would You Pay to Telecommute?

How much is telecommuting worth to you? People have all sorts of reasons to want to telecommute, money being just one of them. So when you're job hunting, and you find a job that allows telecommuting, factor the cost and other savings of this benefit into the salary and overall compensation pac

Writing Cover Letters For Resume - I Need a Job Quick

Any job hunter who says, "I need a job quick," should be careful not to overlook the important task of writing cover letters for resume packets. The cover letter is a key part of the information package received by a prospective employer because it introduces you and sets the stage for you

Duties & Responsibilities for a Florist

Florists are typically busier around holidays.Florist Flowers image by R GIrl from Fotolia.comA florist or floral designer works with flowers, plants and other items such as display containers and ribbon to design floral arrangements. A florist may be employed by a flower shop or grocery...

How Does a Company Use Money From a Stock Purchase?

A company can raise funds by choosing to sell stock or equity in the company to willing investors in exchange for cash. When this happens existing shareholders then own less of the company, as there are more owners. Once the offering closes, the company places the proceeds of the transaction in it

How to Make Serving Skills Look Good on a Resume

When you're looking for a new job, you need to write a resume outlining your work experience. Your resume should highlight the skills you developed in past employment. The skills should relate to the position you are seeking with employers to whom you are submitting your resume. Skills developed whi

What is the Job Description for a Packaging Specialist?

Packaging specialists build, label and inspect containers of products. Although mostly manual labor, the job may involve keeping records. Packaging specialists may find work at such companies as FedEx and UPS.

Annual Salary of a Weatherman

The weatherman is also known as a meteorologist. A weatherman's pay is based upon education, experience and work venue. The salary of a meteorologist fluctuates as much as the weather in some areas of the country. The weatherman for the local radio station may earn an hourly wage, while the local te

8 Easy Steps To Motivate Employees

I've borrowed a quote from someone to set the context. "In thinking about motivation from a management perspective, It's very important to appreciate this point: You can't motivate people, you can only influence what they are motivated to do." While motivation is intrinsic t