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Fonts That Work With Cricut

The Cricut machine is a tool that allows crafters to cut out very detailed die cuts. There are cartridges designed to be used specifically for the Cricut which contain images and fonts. There is also a program distributed by Provo Craft called Design Studios which enables the user to use the cartrid

How to Make a Felt Tongue for a Puppet

Hand puppets have two common shapes: one that fits over your hand without any extruding parts and one that also fits over your hand but has a mouth that opens and closes when you pinch your fingers and thumb together. The Sesame Street puppets are examples of puppets that have opening and closing mo

How to Target Your Dead Pet in "Rappelz"

"Rappelz" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the computer in which you can raise a pet and use it to aid you in battle. A pet is really helpful if you are a summoner. When you first get a pet it is only Level 1, so you have to level up your pet to make it a stronger fighter and

Quick & Handy Halloween Crafts for Adults

The closer we get to Halloween, the busier we are. There are so many things to do to get ready for the big night that we don't seem to be able to find time for big, drawn out craft projects. Quick craft projects will come in handy, allowing you to complete them in little time. They make great group

Crafts to Make With Conchos

Conchos make unusual yet versatile craft items. Some are designed to go on a belt buckle, some have a screw or rivet at the back. Some are plain and simple, some are ornately decorated. They are available in a huge variety of styles but are especially suitable for Western-themed craft projects.

How Do I Make a Photo Bangle Bracelet?

Making a beautiful photo bangle bracelet is an easy way for children or teenagers to create a personalized and fashionable piece of jewelry. Using simple materials and photos printed on a laser printer, this photo bangle bracelet also makes a great gift. The most difficult part is choosing which pho

Supplies to Make Gold Rings

Making jewelry at home has become a favorite hobby among jewelry enthusiasts. Creators can purchase supplies to make gold rings in the karat count of their choice. Making your own ring gives you the option of including gemstones and other garnishments. Some jewelry-making hobbyists sell their produc

How to Repair Spalled Brick

Damaged mortar or brick can become saturated with moisture from your home's exterior or interior. During cold seasons, this water can freeze and expand, causing cracks in the brick. Over many winters, this process can cause the brick face to fall off. Brick that has begun to crumble in this way is r

Kids' Paper Plate Crafts

Using household items for art projects allows you to inexpensively provide your child with craft opportunities. Paper plates do not cost much money and can be purchased at many local stores. Buying in bulk cuts down the cost even further. Kids can make various art projects using this low-cost craft

List of Facts About the Northern Mockingbird

The Northern mockingbird got its name because it literally mocks other birds. It can put on a concert of sorts made up of bird songs and sounds. The songs are just part of what makes a mockingbird distinctive from other birds. They annoy some gardeners with their feeding habits, and they aren't shy

How to Make a Paracord Combat Bracelet

Parachute cord, commonly called paracord or 550 cord, is a nylon cord originally used in military applications. As the name suggests, parachute cord is used in parachutes, and is rated to hold 550 pounds. One strand of paracord is composed of several nylon strands braided together, and it can be kn

Supplies for Making Soap With a Cold Process

Making soap at home is a fun and interesting crafthandmade soap image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comUp until the start of the 20th century, mass-manufactured commercial soap was not the huge business it is today. Many people made their own soap out of animal fat left over from cooking...

How to Make Felt Pirate Hats

Pirate hats are an absolute must for your child's pirate themed party. You can buy some cheap looking pirate hats at a nearby party store, or you can make them out of newspaper, but children play rough at parties and almost always want the theme of the party to continue long after the party is over.

How to Make Your Own Rag Flip Flops as a Craft Project

In the middle of summer, there's nothing better than throwing on a pair of flip-flops and heading to the beach. Flip-flops are perfect for hot weather and can easily be personalized by adding rags to the footwear.

Craft for Kids on the Story About Jacob & Esau

The story of Jacob and Esau is more than a tale about twins who didn't look alike. It's also about the very different ways the twins acted and the choices they made. A crafts project to reinforce the story of Jacob and Esau can be designed for children from preschool through third grade. The project

How to Make a Balloon Lamp

Balloon lamps are stylish, budget-friendly decorations. These may be as simple as designer Kouichi Okamoto's Edo Period-inspired LED Balloon Lamp, or as funky as the hardened twine globes pictured in Better Homes and Gardens. Why not make your own? To maximize the idea, make temporary LED balloon la

How to Make Purple Lightbulbs

Colored lightbulbs are readily available at most party goods stores. However, by hand-painting your own bulbs, you can better decide what color of light and design you'd like them to emit. Simply visit a craft or hardware store for the right supplies and then get painting. Making hand-painted colore

Instructions for a Briolette Flower

The beginnings of a briolette flower may not look like much, but the finished product can lend a pleasing aesthetic quality to bracelets, necklaces and brooches. The word "briolette" refers to a teardrop-shaped gemstone or bead. When combined with wire, the patient crafter can create gemstone-like f

How to Loop Fringe

Fringe can be added to any item with a set of even openings along one edge. The spaces on the ends of a knitted or crochet garment are a natural place to create a fringe. You can also loop fringe through holes punches in the edges of leather garments. The secret to a good looking, even fringe is to