Rustan's Takes Shopping to a New Level With WAV Atmospheric Branding's Instore Radio

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As the season of giving draws near, shoppers from all over the metro descend on malls, hoping to beat the crowds that come with the Yuletide rush. Harried customers run past displays, never lingering long enough to enjoy the experience of shopping or browsing through shelves of merchandise.

Rustan's knows this better than most malls, having been serving the discerning shopper since 1951. It is this knowledge that allows Rustan's to thrive through the explosion of malls in the country. And now, it takes its customer service a step further with an instore radio in its Makati and Shangri-La branches playing soothing and engaging music, which can be heard throughout the premises.

This innovative approach to improve the shopping experience actually helps the store gain repeat customers, as visitors soon find out how much pleasurable their trip to the mall has become. Not only that, through the instore radio, Rustan's imparts to its shoppers the latest products, services, and special sales they have ongoing, giving loyal patrons first dibs on hot and on-sale items.

 As the music plays in the background, store visitors start to relax and serotonin levels in their bodies increase, making the whole experience of shopping a happy one--this, even though they are shopping and spending for gifts for a long list of friends, family, and co-workers.  It doesn't have any advertisements from other brands; ensuring guests will enjoy continuous music for hours on end, or get important updates from just the store itself.

With the help of WAV Atmospheric Branding, a company that specializes in providing creative in-store branding, Rustan's is making waves with customers with its specialized store radio. It entices shoppers to come inside the mall, linger longer, enjoy the experience of shopping, and end up purchasing something. 

WAV Atmospheric Branding expertly combines the science of branding through its audio-marketing tool – the Instore Radio, which is designed to provide high-quality sounds. This is to effectively deliver specialized music and customized messages that suit the needs of the store or establishment. In turn, the stores can expect customer loyalty and brand retention to increase, leading to a more lucrative bottomline.

About WAV Atmospheric Branding

WAV Atmospheric Branding is the revolutionary provider of creative in-store entertainment, advertising, marketing, and inventive media solutions to large corporations and small enterprises in the Philippines, United States, and Singapore.

Since 2003, WAV Atmospheric Branding has had a vast pool of radio broadcasting and creative production experience by going into the industry with a pressing goal to transform and revolutionize the consumer's instore experience.

WAV Atmospheric Branding is a think-tank of passionate, "out-of-the-box" and results-oriented people — socially responsible, creative, dynamic, trustworthy, and innovative. Always forward-thinking, the WAV team takes calculated risks to go beyond client expectations.

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