How Postcards Can Help Your Salon

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Postcards are perhaps the best form of marketing when it comes to the way people view your brand.
They not only allow you to effectively distribute them to large groups of people, but they also you to include them in marketing materials, mailers, press kits, etc.
For this reason, it is best to know what can be included in your mailer, and what can be not included.
Below are our top tips for ensuring that your postcard is living up to the highest standard.
Interesting Colors - Make sure that the colors you choose are all inline with your company's branding.
This not only helps ensure that all of your collateral is aligned, but also helps in getting gaining credibility in the eyes of your customers.
So be sure that all of your branding is inline with your postcards - from the website to the brochure.
Everything should have the same colors, patterns, layouts and designs.
Balanced Layouts - The layouts of your postcard should be weighted properly.
Having a balanced layout will allow the prospect to easily view the postcard, and will allow you to most effectively display your branding.
So be sure that everything is balanced, and most importantly, that your logo is the focal point of the postcard.
Die CutShapes - Try including a die cut postcard in your marketing efforts.
Creating a die cut postcard allows you to effectively market your brand while also enabling you to get the eyeballs of new customers.
So try to think of shapes that embody your industry, and most importantly think of things that will captivate your audience.
Coupons - Try to include coupons on your postcard.
By including a coupon, you enable a tracking system that allows you to see what works and what doesn't.
So before you hit the pavement, try and include a 20% tear off section, along with a code that is unique to that specific design, location, time of day, etc.
Messaging - Make sure that copy on your postcard speaks to your brand.
It is best to include copy that is short, concise and active.
Having an active voice helps most, as well as having short informative copy.
So be sure that it is short, casual and to the point.
When you are done with your postcard, ask friends family and coworkers.
Asking for their feedback is the top tip in marketing postcards.
It also allows you to effectively get word out with people you are closest with.

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