Why You Should Create a Free Ecourse

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Ecourses are great, because they let everyone benefit from it.
Ecourses are a great way to get people to put their email addresses in the opt-in box.
But how do you start? Well, you will need a series of 5-15 articles on a particular topic (on your niche of course) that are not only related, but also they must complete each other.
You must load these articles into an autoresponder and then send them out with a certain interval.
You can use an ecourse to promote a certain product.
This product, of course, must be worth the effort (it should give you a decent commission per sale).
An ecourse can build rapport with your customers.
If they will trust you enough, they might buy the affiliate product you promote.
You can go one step further: promote several related services in your email series.
Each of the products can be part of a solution for a certain problem or problems.
How to start Decide what topic you want to cover.
Start off with an introductory article that gives your customers an overview of what will come in the future.
After a few days start launching the lessons in your email series with an interval of...
let's say 2 days.
Recommend some additional books, products, free tools and paid tools (you can put an affiliate link) or offer them some other services.
I do recommend you invest some time in your eCourse.
Make it good, because you need people to stay on your list.
This is basically it.
Do that and eventually you will make money online.

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