How to Install Disc Brakes on an Early Bronco

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    • 1). Park the Ford Bronco and engage the parking brake.

    • 2). Loosen all of the lug nuts from the front wheels about one-quarter of a turn with a ture tool or a lug wrench.

    • 3). Slide the jack under the front of the Ford Bronco and position the jack under the cross brace below the transmission. Jack the Bronco up high enough for the jack stands to fit under the frame. Place the jack stands under the proper front jacking points behind each front wheel. Lower the Bronco onto the stands.

    • 4). Remove all of the lug nuts from the front wheels. Slide the wheels off and set them down near each side of the Bronco.

    • 5). Move to the front driver side wheel hub and locate the two metric mounting bolts on the back of the brake caliper. Loosen and remove the two bolts with a ratchet and a metric socket. Pull the caliper straight off of the top of the rotor. If the caliper is stuck, slide the end of a flat head screwdriver between the caliper and rotor and pry the caliper off of the rotor.

    • 6). Hand the caliper to the front spring with a small piece of rope to prevent it from hanging by the brake line. Pull the inner brake pad out of the caliper. Slide the c-clamp around the outer brake pad and around the back side of the caliper. Slowly turn the c-clamp clockwise to compress the outer brake pad against the caliper cylinder. After the cylinder is fully compressed, remove the C-clamp and the outer brake pad from the caliper.

    • 7). Slide the two new brake pads into the caliper retaining clips. Inspect the front and back of the rotor for wear and grooves. If any damage to the rotor is minimal, remove the rotor and have the rotor machine turned by a machine shop. If the damage is excessive, replace the rotor with a new rotor.

    • 8). Untie the rope from the caliper and position the caliper back over the brake rotor. Screw the mounting bolts back into the back of the caliper and tighten with the ratchet and socket. Slide the wheel back on and screw the lug nuts onto the lugs until all of the lug nuts are tight.

    • 9). Move to the front passenger side wheel hub assembly and follow the same outline able for replacing the brake pads. After the pads have been replaced, slide the tire onto the wheel hub and screw the lug nuts onto the lugs until all of the lug nuts are tight.

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      Jack the front of the Ford Bronco back up and remove the jack stands. Lower the Bronco to the ground and remove the jack.

    • 11

      Finish torquing all of the lug nuts on both front wheels with the tire tool or lug wrench until they are tight.

    • 12

      Crank the engine and pump the brake pedal four or five times to set the brake pads to the proper distance from the brake rotors. Test drive the Bronco in a safe area to check the operation of the new brakes.


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