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Issuer identification number - First 56 digits of credit card number are actually known as Issuer Identification Number earlier known as the Bank Identification Number. These identify institution, which issued card to a card holder. Rest is been allocated by issuer and cards are been issued by issuer through the issuing network. Lots of issuers print first 4 digits of IIN on the card, beneath where number is been embossed, as the added safety measure.

Credit Card types are:
1. -Debit
2. -Credit
3. -Stored-value
4. -Charge
5. -Electronic Benefit Transfer

IIN ranges that are used by the major schemes are:
€ -MasterCard: begin with numbers 51 to 55.
€ -Visa: begin with 4.
€ -Diners Club: start with 300 to 305, 36 and 38 and there are the Diners Club cards, which start with five and these are the joint venture between the Diners Club and the MasterCard, and processed like the MasterCard.
€ -American Express: start with 34 to 37.
€ -Discover: start with 6011 and 65.
€ -JCB: start with 2131, 1800 and 35.

The IIN lookup tool has a lot of important and real world applications and it is been used by the organizations, which process the credit card payments for combating the fraud as well as to enforce the country specific policies, and by government to investigate the identity theft, by the financial institutions and to identify different safety issues, and many more. You may search in the database for MasterCard, Visa, as well as Amex at a moment. Also, there is the restricted of twenty queries every day in database. Base has over 75000 records and it is updated weekly. There is as well the support forum that is not found in bin database. In case, you have any of the question then contact your dealer, for the credit card online database check. Bank Identification Number Database or IIN Number is first six digits of a credit card number for every MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover credit cards & debit cards.

BIN actually stands for the Bank Identification Number that is a same as IIN that stands for the Issuer Identification Number. The bank identification number is helpful in determining following:

- Type of the card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)
- MasterCard Starts with 5, Visa with 4, Amex with 3 & Discover with 6
- Credit or Debit or at times Gift Card
- Name of the credit card issuing bank (Wells Fargo Visa Debit, Citibank MC)
- Phone number calling for code €" ten authorization or any other questions
- Country of the origin: Canada or US Card, Russian or Nigerian MasterCard?

The information is been published by the American Express & Discover for the merchants & accessible from MasterCard and Visa in form of Visa Interchange Directory for the Visa BIN & MasterCard Member Directory for the MasterCard BIN Numbers. For the merchants who don't actually qualify for an access to the list through merchant provider, the BIN lookup using the"> BIN database is difficult.


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