Network Marketing - 4 Network Marketing For Newbies Lessons

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Need a Network Marketing for newbies book? Forget that, let me break it down to you in a few simple chunks.
What it is: NM is simply, leveraging other peoples efforts to help produce a income from the sale of specific products.
Companies employ you to use and market their product for them, instead of having to pay for marketing.
Its cheaper for them.
It also gives you the chance to make a killing if you are serious.
How it works: Typically, NM companies promote conducting home parties, calling leads(prospective buyers), and talking to family & friends about the product or opportunity in the hopes that it will help you make more sales.
This is considered the old-school way of the industry.
Most network marketing for newbies books will promote this.
Pay Plan: There are several different kinds of pay plans, but in lay mans terms they all help you get paid in some way or the other.
The key is to build a "network" of distributors/reps under you.
This helps you profit as you build more "volume" in your network, and it also helps the company obviously because they are getting to keep a portion of the profit.
Typically, profits range from $5-50 dollars per sale, however there are a few companies who pay big dividends ($1000-$3000) as well.
  Your most important network marketing for newbies lesson...
  Stay consistent.
Whether you're using old-school methods of promoting the business or using new-school methods which leverage the internet, the key is to stay consistent with your marketing efforts.

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