Google and Real-Time Search Results As You Type

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Finally Google's taken, what I consider at least, a truly huge step in the future of search engine results and marketing.
After all, they've been reaping huge dividends, for over ten years now, on their original algorithm that put them on the map and made Google a household name.
Their testing of displaying search results, as one types the keywords or phrase into the search engine, is absolutely tremendous for various different reasons.
First, the real-time aspect of being able to quickly see what results will be displayed saves time on the part of searchers worldwide.
Speed, after all, is one of the hallmark elements of what's made the web such a success today.
Second, the advertising aspects are just huge.
Ultimately, the real-time element of search results creates additional advertising opportunities for those looking to reach key audiences based on keywords.
This is not much different than the current AdWords model - however, the real-time posting and changing of ads based on what searchers type creates a real-time ad serving network that's more robust than the current AdWords system.
Basically, if someone types in "bicycles" but finds quickly that the search results are not exactly accurate to his / her needs, they may quickly type in a more refined search.
This refined search may be based on geographical location - hence helping out the local market - or perhaps they may type in "NY mountain bicycles" and quickly get the results they need.
Ultimately, this refinement in speed and accuracy will bring perhaps better overall conversion of clicks and site visits to purchases.
This helps both advertiser, Google, and the economy as a whole as more purchases will transpire.
This is a win-win.
Now, the only question is, how long before real-time search results becomes mainstream and the de-facto of a Google search?

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