7 Google Tools For New Ranking Factor - Website Speed

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Speed has become very important to Google - not only does it want its users to have a high quality user experience, it also wants to speed up your access to their services. They know that online every millisecond counts. The faster visitors can complete a task e.g. search for content, purchase an item, complete a form - the more likely they are to stick around and 'do' more - more often - and that means, more revenue.

If you are not "up to speed" on the latest developments you really need to get informed. Website speed will be introduced as a new ranking factor into Google's search algorithm update, called Caffeine, from January 2010.

The bottom line is; fast websites will be favored over slow websites in its search results.

To help website owners and developers get ready for these changes Google has made several announcements, tools, and services available. They are:

1. Search Engine Ranking

This Google announcement was issued to prepare website owners and developers for its intent to encourage and reward fast websites.

2. Page Speed Firefox Addon

Helps diagnose website speed blocks. You the Firefox browser to use this.

3. SPDY Protocol

HTTP alternative that reduces latency, increases website speed. Google's lab tests of SPDY show an improvement in page load times compared to HTTP of between 27 percent and 60 percent.

4. Google Analytics

Faster tracking code load times for web pages. You can replace your 'old' Google Analytics with this 'new' code. Because it loads asynchronously it allows your page to load faster.

5. Site Performance

Google Webmaster Central tool. The Site Performance feature displays an average of how many seconds your website takes to load and implements graphing for trending purposes. The feature also has some steep benchmarks. According to Google, any site that does not load in 1.5 seconds (as measured by stats pulled from Google Toolbar users) is in the red zone and classed as slow. Site Performance also makes practical suggestions for how you can improve your page speed and makes suggestions for making it faster.

6. Google Public DNS

Promising faster browsing speeds.

7. Speed Tracer

New addition to the Google Web Toolkit; Speed Tracer is a Google Chrome extension that allows developers to profile web application performance and identify sources of slowness.

These recent developments underline the priority Google is placing on website speed and optimal web performance - if your website is slow or if you don't even know whether its slow or not then now is a good time to find out. Google have said that they plan to reward fast websites, the flip side of that is that if you website is not fast then it will lose out in Google rankings which ultimately means you will lose business.

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