Project Payday a SCAM? What You NEED to Know Before Joining Project Payday

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I am sure that you have seen a countless number of ads on the internet that promote a website called Project payday.
And I am sure that you have read the claims that you can make a decent - $500 to upwards of $2,000 - supplement income using their website and system.
I am sure that these claims have piqued your curiosity, which is probably the reason why you are reading this review.
But before I go into whether Project Payday is a scam, let me tell you what it is.
Project Payday is a website where they teach you their system on how to utilize IFWs (incentivized freebie websites) to make money.
Now, what exactly are incentivized freebie websites? They are websites where you complete trial offers for cash/prizes.
Now project payday has three methods in their system: Method One: In method one, you are the referral.
That means that you complete offers - or go Green - for the person that you agreed to complete offers for.
Once you go green - or completed the required offers - that IFW pays the person who you completed the offers for.
They, in turn, pay you.
So, say for example that Janet is a referral for Jill.
Janet completes her offers.
Then, after she completes her offers, Jill gets paid by that website.
After she gets paid, Jill pays Janet for being her referral and completing her offers.
Method Two: In method two, you are now in Jill's position.
You have referrals come and complete offers for you.
This is actually the most lucrative method in their system.
A person comes and completes offers for you.
The website pays you, and you in turn, pay that person.
It is actually quite simple.
Method Three: You acquire free prizes - such as plasma TVs, laptops, gaming systems - to keep or to sell on sites, such as eBay.
Now, how do you become a referral or have referrals come to you to complete offers? Project Payday provides you with a list of forums that you can join.
It is in these forums that you become a referral, or when you get to Method Two, find referrals to complete offers for you.
Now, is Project Payday a scam? With their claim of how much you can potentially make, it may certainly sound that way.
But, the truth of the matter is, it is not.
This is a legitimate way to make money on the internet.
It's not MLM.
It's not Cash Gifting.
It is not data entry or any "get rich quick" scheme.
There are people in Project Payday who are making a great supplement income.
some are even working full time from home.
If you want to succeed in Project Payday, you have to be dedicated.

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