Vacances D’éTé: Plus Proches Et Moins ChèRes

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"4 out of 10 vacationers can leave, 6 out of 10 spend less than 1000 euros all inclusive, and 64% will remain in France" is the result of the survey on a sample of 500 people conducted by the polling institute Ipsos on behalf of Declicfrance website. In times of crisis, the major challenge for the majority of summer visitors is all about finding and reconciling budget. Not really surprising.The quest for good weather"The trends this year: the French are also far fewer, shorter, and prepare their holiday last minute," said Yariv Abeshera President "For families, France has become a safe bet this summer and Languedoc Roussillon and mountain lakes are the most popular destinations. But reservations are increasingly late and the concept of last minute from 90 days before departure just two weeks. "Here, the quest for good weather is an important factor because it is not about to spend a short holiday without sunshine.The race for cheapFor 75% of French, vacations are chosen and bought on the internet today the most effective tool to compare offers and find the most beneficial ideas. Please note that the competition on the web may be very strong for hunting good deals in the coming weeks. So for those who have not yet had the trigger for their holidays, all your clicks!Mischievous look, the young woman turns out talented. Bubbling with energy and determination, Géraldine Laval quickly became the new darling of wine connoisseurs. Its second vintage, 2010, is selling like hot cakes fresh. Noticed in his first wine in 2009, with the means at hand, in a former dairy, the winemaker advance rapidly. Formed in the largest such Louis Latour (Puligny-Montrachet), Jean-Louis Chave (hermitage) or Olivier Jullien (Larzac terraces), she learned of each accuracy, thoroughness, reflection. But above all she has this knack for finding the "good soil". She was born in Charente, with family vineyards in Bordeaux, but regardless of the ties, what counts is the inspiration that caused him a place. And so she chose, at altitude on soil drainage and clayey limestone, although windy, in the foothills of the Larzac terraces, its own vineyards (almost 4 acres to date). A quest that already generates real fine wines, healthy, pure and straight. This is just the beginning of the course of a future great lady of the vine. To be continued!
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