The MLM Survival Guide - How to Grow Your MLM Business Without Breaking the Bank

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Once you made the decision to not only be a consumer of your product but to take advantage of the business opportunity you probably thought that that 'one time' investment would be all it would take to explode your income.
You were wrong.
The first thing the newbie to Network Marketing or MLMs often learns is that there are different levels that you can join any company at that will position you on different earning levels.
These different business building levels can vary in pricing from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.
I am sure your Upline so kindly pointed out that there was no obligation to come in at a higher level or to buy those Business Builder spots but "why wouldn't you want to make the most money you could now?" Effectively, a point of urgency is created so you find yourself investing in the top position available.
As a consumer of your product you knew that you would have to buy the required amount of product to keep your position open.
Plus, you got into the 'Opportunity' side of the company because you were so passionate it about the product.
You have to show people you are an avid consumer to convince them that they should buy your product, right? Did your Upline forget to mention the marketing materials and advertising expenses? You have to have boxes and boxes of samples, DVDs, CDs, brochures, business cards and fliers to hand out to everyone you know or come within 3 feet of or you'll never make any money.
Once you've blown through your Warm Market, what's next? Advertising expenses of course! Buying leads for those great opportunity seekers is your fastest path to growing that downline, right? Wrong! Let me be clear.
Any business will require some investment and you will need to nurture your Business Baby by getting it a few essentials.
Be sure to invest your money in the right things to grow your business not your credit card bills! 5 Golden Rules to Growing Your MLM Without Breaking Your Bank Rule #1.
Join your MLM at a level you are comfortable at.
Be a consumer first and make sure you truly have a passion for your product or products.
Leading with your product will result in happier customers and a downline that actually stays in place longer than a few months.
Rule #2.
You are your business.
Invest in yourself before you invest in a lot of marketing material that you may not know how to use effectively.
If your companies' training primarily consists of teaching you how to make lists of friends and family, handing out DVDs and CDs, having home parties or running all over town to Hotel Briefing than you must invest in educating yourself in a more effective, up to date method of marketing your products.
Rule #3.
This cannot be stressed enough.
Opportunity seeker leads are often the most expensive leads and the least productive.
If you are going to buy leads learn to buy them correctly.
Buy very specific, targeted leads to whatever the benefits of your product are.
Rule #4.
Advertise effectively! Learn to write quality headlines and ad content that draws your prospect to you because you have what they need, want and desire.
Remember, there are numerous FREE sources of advertising out there.
Test out your ads there before investing in paid advertising.
Rule #5.
Learn to use the hugest advertising venue there is...
the Internet.
Create an Internet presence for yourself, position yourself as an expert, develop free targeted leads and enjoy prospects coming to you instead of paying for prospects that really have no interest in what you have.
As a business owner there is always going to be some expenses that are inevitable.
If you want your Home Based Business to be as successful as a doctor, a lawyer, or other professional remember that their success started with a good solid education not a bunch of samples and DVDs.
Learn the art and science of marketing and you will find the expenses you have will result in the largest returns.
You are 100% responsible for making your success happen! The proper training and marketing tools are essential to growing your business Successfully Not Stressfully!

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